The Hospital Where Kate Middleton Will Give Birth Just Got A Subtle Update For Royal Baby #3

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Spring is gearing up to be a pretty exciting time for the British Royal Family. Fans are already excitedly counting down the days until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot during their wedding in May. But before that happens, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will welcome their new baby — and a tiny detail outside of the hospital where Kate Middleton is set to give birth is just a small reminder that baby number three is almost here.

The Duchess will give birth at St. Mary's Hospital in London, and according to photos posted to social media, the railing outside the property's Lindo Wing just received a fresh coat of paint. An Instagram account called Tea Time With the Cambridges posted a photo of a "Wet Paint" sign hanging off the railings outside of the building.

"THE RAILINGS OUTSIDE THE LINDO WING ARE BEING PAINTED! ITS HAPPENING GUYS," the caption reads. The sign may not seem like it's a huge deal, but as People reports, this is the area in which William and Middleton will introduce baby number three to the public during their post-birth debut. So, it only makes sense for the area to get a mini makeover before the big photo op takes place. While Kensington Palace has confirmed only that Middleton is due in April, People reports that her expected due date is April 23.

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Middleton and William announced that they were expecting their third child back in September, but mom-of-three-to-be hasn't let her pregnancy stop her from her royal duties over the last few months. Just over a month after making the big announcement, she stepped out for her first public appearance on World Mental Health Day. She's also been spotted playing tennis with Tennis for Kids, visiting a children's hospital in London, and attending a St. Patrick's Day celebration in West London this month.

In January, she took a trip to Bethlem Royal Hospital's Mother and Baby Unit where she spoke to new parents about mental health issues and post-partum depression. And shortly after that, she visited a children's hospital where she launched a nursing campaign called Nursing Now, meant to empower nurses worldwide. While briefly speaking about her pregnancy during the Nursing Now event, she jokingly told a parent that Prince William is a little in denial about the baby's impending arrival.

The father of patient receiving care at the hospital told People, "I was saying, 'Congratulations, best of luck with the third one,' [and] she said, ‘William’s in denial.'"

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Hopefully, that denial has gone out the window by now, because this thing is actually happening, and the big day is right around the corner for both of them.

Last week, it was reported that Middleton had made her last official outing before the new baby comes along, which means that the next time fans see her, Kensington Palace will have already announced the big baby news. Along with Prince William, the Duchess visited SportsAid, a charity that supports Britain's Paralympic athletes, in celebration of this year's upcoming Commonwealth Games that are set to take place in Australia. During the outing, the couple also paid a visit to St. Luke's Community Centre where they helped prepare the Commonwealth Big Lunch.

If the painted railing wasn't enough of a reminder, the royal baby also already has its own web page that you can visit now. The page doesn't feature too many updates about the baby, aside from the expected due date which has already been announced, but if you're looking to keep up with Will and Kate until the exciting day comes along next month, feel free to visit the page and keep refreshing it until then.