The House From ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ Is Up For Sale, In Case Your Nostalgia Is Worth $1.6 Million

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If you find yourself facing a nostalgia that no amount of re-watching your favorite teen movie can fix, there might be a solution. The house from 10 Things I Hate About You is for sale, so you could relive one of the classics back where it all began. Assuming, of course, that you have $1.6 million lying around. That's how much the real-life five-bedroom Victorian home that served as the fictional stomping ground for the Stratford girls and their single father will set you back.

It might sound like a lot, but this home has a lot to offer. There's the wraparound porch, the expansive lawn, the view of the water, and the original woodwork and hardwood floors. (Pretty impressive when you consider that the house was built in 1907, over a century ago.) The only teensy-tiny setback for anyone hoping to live in Seattle, Washington, where the film was based, is that this house is actually located in the nearby city of Tacoma. But that doesn't make its other features any less appealing, and, at the end of the day, it's all the memories that come along with the prettily-painted white and yellow structure that make it truly priceless.

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This, after all, is where Julia Stiles lounged on the porch as Katarina "Kat" Stratford, hoping against hope to be accepted to Sarah Lawrence, where she could let her feminist flag fly. It's where Kat's sister Bianca Stratford, played by Larissa Oleynik, shared her first kiss with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Cameron James in his car after he drove her home. It's where Larry Miller sat as the family patriarch as both of his daughters hustled down the banistered set of stairs and off to prom — Bianca only after being forced to wear the padded pregnancy belly to ensure that she makes good choices.

In fact, when you start to pay attention, you'll notice that many of the most memorable of this movie's scenes take place in or around their home. The house is interwoven with the fabric of the plot, showing us deeper, more personal sides to characters who could've been written as basic tropes. Instead, all the action in the family home informs not only Bianca and Kat's characters, but Walter Stratford's as well.


We understand what leads him to make the rule about his daughter's dating lives — love for them and a desire to keep intact the family that has already lost a mother. (Even if exactly what they lost her to is never fully made clear.) And we can also see how that loss has informed the two sisters' personalities: for Bianca, it makes her more outgoing, while for Kat is closes her off. It's only when the whole family is home together that you can start to see their real selves.

All of which goes to say that this house is important. It provided not only interior and exterior shots in the film, but helped add on a layer of depth and character to the Stratfords' family life. The heavy use of the house during filming made it a more important set than most because of how recognizable it is, and its owners have drawn upon that nostalgia in the listing. Seattle's Curbed reports that the house has had the same owners for 30 years now, and that they've embraced the fame that 10 Things I Hate About You brought their property.


Not only are many of the rooms in the same condition they were during filming in the late 1990s, but the owners even placed a tribute to the late Heath Ledger on their porch after his death in 2008. (Ledger had played Patrick Verona in the film, the eventual grudging love interest to Kat.) The lines between real life and teenage rom-com have been blurred significantly by this home, and it would be amazing if it went to someone with a real appreciation for all the things this property has seen.

So, if you're a Washington-based millionaire who still has love for this Shakespearean spinoff, why not go for it? Maybe if you play your cards right, they'll throw in access to the pool from She's All That as well. (Freddie Prinze, Jr. and the JV soccer team probably not included, so you'll have to learn how to clean it yourself.)