The Huda Beauty Hudamoji App Is Endless Fun

Courtesy of Hudamoji App

Here's a reason to keep your beautifully contoured face buried in your iPhone. The Huda Beauty Hudamoji App is here and you need to download it ASAP! The Hudamoji app is free and it features over 200 Huda Kattan-branded and beauty-themed emojis so you can effectively communicate with your fellow makeup-obsessed besties. You can insert illustrated images of tubes of Huda Beauty's infamous liquid lippies, lip and arm swatches, phrases like "Qween" and "#Goals," as well as a variety of makeup looks, into your texts and messages. It's like the Huda Beauty Instagram in emoji form and it's everything.

One thing to note — the app is only available for iOS but the brand is currently working on making the app available for Android users.

The Hudamoji categories are Faces, Werk, Beauty, Random, and Words, all of which are self-explanatory. There is no shortage of options, either. There are plenty of emojis to play with.

My favorite emoji features Huda and her main squeeze rocking sheet masks for Date Night! OMG, it's crazy adorbs. There are lots of hearts in the "Random" category, too.

The avatars are beyond cute but be forewarned. You can and will be totally immersed in the app and mess around with it for hours. It's a totally beautiful distraction.

Here's the critical intel.

Courtesy of Hudamoji App

Here's a sampling of the Hudamojis.

Courtesy of Hudamoji App

There are lots of looks, faces, and emotions.

Seriously, I could do this all day. And by "this," I mean play with the app.

Courtesy of Hudamoji App

Whatever your mood or activity, there is a corresponding Hudamoji. I am sure there is someone in your orbit that you can message with, using only Hudamojis, and they will fully and completely understand every single thing you are conveying in the conversation.

Courtesy of Hudamoji App

Download the Hudamoji app via the App Store and be sure to grant full access to the keyboard.

Courtesy of Hudamoji App

Then you can proceed to fill your texts with Huda-themed emojis, like this one. Have fun, Hudaholics.