The Hundreds' Bobby Kim Launches A Dope Women's Streetwear Line

by Melanie Richtman

If you've ever seen The Hundreds' streetwear and thought "wow, I wish this was for women" (not that you can't rock men's clothes if you want to, I do this regularly), you'll love Jennifer, a new women's streetwear line from Bobby Kim, the designer of The Hundreds.

After designing hit brand The Hundreds, Kim decided to branch out into womenswear after wondering why women always seemed to want to borrow men's clothes but the reverse wasn't true.

"How come there isn’t a women’s brand that men covet, something for the girl to hold over the guy’s head? Instead of the boyfriend jeans, what about a Girlfriend hoodie? I started with that idea and it snowballed into a greater project, one that considered women in a unique way," Kim tells me over email. "Jennifer's tagline of 'anyone can wear anything' opens me up creatively as a designer, to think beyond tradition and norms. It’s been fun to imagine beyond the men's space I typically speak to."

The line is filled with cozy-cool sweatshirts, oversized tees, and slouchy shorts, that really do look like pieces a guy would try to steal from your closet. Kim's personal favorite is the t-shirt, which remind him of old concert tees.

"This isn’t an oversized men’s shirt for a woman, however. As with all Jennifer pieces, even though a dude can wear it, it looks much better on a girl," explains Kim. "The shirts are cropped short, so they don’t hang like a pajama tee."

And while both The Hundreds and Jennifer are streetwear (although Kim admittedly struggles to classify Jennifer as streetwear), Kim gets inspiration in different places.

"As far as inspiration for Jennifer, I believe people look their best when they are confident and comfortable. So I began Jennifer as a loungewear brand that focused on oversized fleece sweatshirts — something to be worn around the house, to get coffee, or take the dog for a walk," says Kim. "There’s enough fashion out there that covers you for days and nights out. But, we are spending more time inside, Postmates-ing, stuck on our Snapchats. Our audience sees more of our homelife outfit than what we wear on the sidewalks, so why not start there?"

He makes an excellent point. After all, the best part of most people's days are when they get home from work and can change into comfortable clothes. Why not make them cute?

Kim's ultimate goal for Jennifer? Being the womenswear brand that "dudes are dying for." Seems like a realistic goal to me.

You can buy all of Kim's cool loungewear pieces on