The Inauguration Day Bad Lip Reading Is Savage

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you watched the inauguration last week, you no doubt spent long periods of time watching shots of Trump, his family, the Obamas, and other ceremony attendees interacting up on stage, but with no sound. Where’s the drama in that? Thankfully, the Bad Lip Reading of Inauguration Day is here to fill us in, and, oh, the savagery is potent. Folks, we’ve got to take all of the joy we can in these troubled times, and listening to Obama and Trump whisper petty insults to each other is very, very joyful, indeed.

The folks behind the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel gave us hilarious political content throughout the election cycle, so it’s no surprise to see Trump’s swearing –in getting it’s own lip reading treatment. With footage that puts all of the election players — including people who clearly can’t stand each other — together on a single stage, Inauguration Day makes particularly excellent bad lip-reading fodder.

The footage begins with the Trumps greeting the Obamas at the White House. The atmosphere is tense. Trump wishes he’d worn shoulder pads, Melania offers Michelle a Tiffany box full of pretzels, and Obama whistles,“You suuuuuuck” under his breath as they all paste on smiles for pictures. Cue to the inauguration ceremony, where Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush trade plans to “squeeze him.” Then we see Trump nervously preparing for his speech, and uttering a single word: “Help.”

Stripped of music, the dancing at the Liberty Ball looks incredibly awkward, and the Pences both look like they want to leap off the stage.

Watch the whole video below:

Now, raise your shrunken hand and repeat after me.” Small joys, friends. Small joys.