If You Can't Attend The Indie Beauty Expo, This Gift Bag Brings The Brands To You

Indie Beauty Expo

The Indie Beauty Expo New York is almost here, meaning all the best not-so-well known brands will be in one place for you to explore. But even if you can't jet to NYC, there is still a way for you to discover new indie brands — and get some major savings. Unlike other conventions, Indie Beauty Expo is making sure everyone can get in on the action with their 2017 Discover Curated Collection. It's like being at the event without having to leave the house.

When it comes to beauty conventions, the FOMO is real. Normally, people are left scrolling through tons of social media posts and photos about an event they can't attend. But not this time. The Indie Beauty Expo put together a goodie bag filled with deluxe and full-sized samples from 19 of the brands at their previous Dallas expo. Although that's a small percentage of the 200 brands that will be attending the NYC event, it's still pretty great.

The Curated Collection is designed to give you skincare products that fit into your morning, afternoon, and night routine. Basically, if you want to transform your life and skin with indie products, you can. Don't think of this as a big box of samples. Instead, think of it as a personal skincare pamper box sent right to your doorstep.

2017 Discover Dallas Curated Collection, $125, Indie Beauty Expo

While you might not have to pay for a ticket to get into the expo, you will have to pay a pretty penny for the box of goodies. The 19-product collection is $125 and available right now on the Indie Beauty Expo website.

But the price breaks down to about $6.50 per item, which is a small price to discover some awesome brands.

Courtesy Indie Beauty Expo

You can start the morning with Milk + Honey Deodorant and Vital Proteins' Supplement Pack, then go straight into afternoon with HUM Nutrition's Green Food Super Powder and Teadora's Anti-Pollution Mist. Then, finish off your day with a Pur-lisse Mud Mask or Seoul Mamas Sheet Mask.

2017 Discover NYC Curated Collection, $125, Indie Beauty Expo

The site will also be releasing a similar box after the NYC show for beauty fans to get their hands on. To see what brands will be featured in that box — well, you'll just have to wait and see.

If you are looking to attend the actual event, it's not too late. Indie Beauty Expo is offering Bustle readers 20 percent off the standard ticket price. Just use the code BUSTLE4IBE at checkout.

And if NYC is just too far away, you'll always have this stellar gift box to dive into.