The Inkey List Is The Newest Skin Care Brand At Sephora & Everything Is Under $15

The Inkey List

When it comes to skin care, most people are resigned over the fact that their routine is going to cost them a hefty amount. But one new line at Sephora is going to challenge that reasoning. The Inkey List skin care is a new brand at Sephora, and all of its products are under $15. Quality beauty lines don't always have to break the bank — or so we are now finding out.

The Inkey List is a little different from most beauty skin care lines out there. Rather than having an ingredients list packed with items that are hard to decipher, The Inkey List paired its formulas way down. Each product has only one main ingredient, giving you a minimalist approach to your beauty routine. Not only does this make it easier to target your skin with the specific ingredients it needs — whether that's acne treatment or fine line control — but the one-main-ingredient approach also cuts back on complicated jargon.

The name "The Inkey List" alludes to the printed ingredient list you find on the back of your skin care products. In an interview with Vogue, the creators of the brand, Colette Newberry and Mark Curry, explained that their main purpose is to help educate people about what mainstream beauty ingredients actually do to skin.

"Yes, we wanted to make sure the price point was accessible but what we felt was missing in the industry was accessibility to information and understanding," Newberry told Vogue. "We can help to be the educator."

When the shopper is only working with one main ingredient, figuring that out won't be so hard. The UK-based brand has 19 different skin care products, which address different skin concerns. The items will tackle oiliness, dullness, breakouts, dryness, and fine lines. The products use ingredients that you would expect to find in any skin care line, like retinol and hyaluronic acid. But rather than packing in a ton of filler ingredients, The Inkey List uses as few ingredients as possible. This brings transparency and simplicity to your skin care routine.

Newberry told Fashionista in an interview that the goal of The Inkey List is to fill "a white space for a brand that offers proven, premium quality products combined with support on what, how and when to use — a brand that truly democratizes skin care."

The price of the products is intentional. The brand wants shoppers to feel free to experiment with ingredients and to test how those ingredients react on their skin. When items are affordable, people are more willing to experiment.

There are a bevvy of different beauty products you can choose from to add to your routine. There is the Beta Hydroxy Acid for $9.99, which goes deep into your pores to wash away any impurities and get rid of black heads. Then there is also the $9.99 Retinol Serum, which tackles fine lines and discoloration.

There are also products that use trendier ingredients, like the Turmeric Moisturizer for $12.99. This is a brightening moisturizer that hydrates and prevents dry skin. From exfoliants to day creams to cleansers, The Inkey List will provide it all at a friendly price.