This Internet Extension Makes Borrowing Books Easy

Any true book-lover will have a special place in their heart for libraries — but when was the last time you actually went to one? It's just so much easier to order books online — until now. This new extension finds books at your local library while you shop, reminding you exactly how convenient libraries really are.

I totally get the Amazon appeal. Anything that cuts into my reading time is a big old hassle, and so having books delivered right to my front door is super-tempting. I don't want to put on pants and leave the house only to find that the library doesn't have the book I was looking for — and I'm sure you don't either. And now, you don't have to — because the Library Extension does all the hard work for you. While you're browsing Amazon, the Library Extension scans the shelves of all the libraries near you, and then casually lets you know if it's available. With the click of a button, you can reserve the book, hop in the car, and have the book in your hands without even having to wait for Amazon shipping.

And you know what libraries will always do better than Amazon? They're free. Totally free. Thanks to your local library, you can read a new book every day of the year without spending a cent. And that, my friend, is the stuff dreams are made of. So install the Library Extension, and then every time you're about to splash some cash on a book haul, you'll remember that your friendly neighborhood library is waiting for you with open arms.