Watch Rebel Wilson Woo A Shirtless Liam Hemstorth In The Hilarious 'Isn't It Romantic' Trailer

Forget the the fun-sized chocolate bars: the official Isn't It Romantic trailer, which its star Rebel Wilson debuted on Wednesday's Halloween episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has all the holiday (eye) candy you need. After Wilson bragged she "got to make out with" her "very sexy" fellow Australian, Liam Hemsworth, for the Valentine's Day 2019 rom-com, she shared some of the wealth with fans. The sneak peek shows several shirtless images of Hemsworth, so, really, what's not to love here? Well, let Wilson explain.

"[The movie's] about a girl who hates romantic comedies, which I did in real life because I didn't feel like they were real," the actor — naturally in costume as the Wilson volleyball from Cast Away — explained to DeGeneres. (Unrelated, but it's also worth noting that DeGeneres was dressed up as a Bachelor contestant for the interview, with Milo Ventimiglia making an appearance as one of the ABC reality dating show's titular suitors.)

Wilson's architect character Natalie certainly shares those sentiments, with the trailer showing that her distaste for the rom-com genre began because of her mother. In the clip, a childhood version of Wilson's wide-eyed character is watching Pretty Woman, only for her mom to interrupt the seminal '90s rom-com to cynically remind her daughter that "love's not a fairy tale" and "girls like us don't get that."

Fast-forwarding 25 years, Natalie's ingrained bitterness only seems to have grown as she laments to coworkers Whitney (GLOW's Betty Gilpin) and Josh (played by Wilson's Pitch Perfect costar Adam DeVine) that "all those movies are lies set to terrible pop songs." (Terrible?!)

In a subsequent scene from the preview, Natalie is attacked on a subway platform by a mugger whom she's able to bravely fend off — only to be knocked unconscious after hilariously running head-first into a pole. Waking up in an emergency room that she jokes to her doctor seems more like a Williams Sonoma, Natalie remarks that everything "looks like somebody's put a beauty filter across New York City." Cue images like birds flying in a heart formation against a sunny background.

She, then, arrives home to find a tricked-out pad — and a seriously envy-inducing walk-in closet — and Natalie makes a frantic 911 call, in the movie's trailer. "Someone's broken into my apartment, and they've taken everything and replaced it with much nicer stuff," she says. Responds the operator, before hanging up the phone: "So your emergency is that your apartment is too big and you have every shoe you could ever want?"

Speaking of all the things she could ever want, Natalie gets her own grownup Pretty Woman moment when Hemsworth calls her "beguiling" and pops his head out of a limo's moonroof (a la Richard Gere) to ask "Are you feeling what I'm feeling?" Dressed in full Julia Roberts wardrobe from Vivian's (successful) Rodeo Drive shopping trip, Wilson — naturally perplexed — shouts "no," as he drives away.

She does do plenty of feeling, however, later passionately throwing Hemsworth's character against a wall and ripping his shirt open. The shirtless Hemsworth scenes only continue in the trailer, with the actor next appearing wearing just a towel, telling Wilson, who's still in bed wearing pajamas, that "last night was amazing." (Chis de Burgh's 1986 ballad "The Lady In Red," is playing in the background, too, of course.)

"I didn't think we actually did anything, it just cut to the next morning," says a shocked Natalie, who then invites Blake back into bed. He, of course, drops his towel and happily obliges.

In the gift that keeps on giving, the scene begins to replay in the trailer's most fantastical version of Groundhog's Day. When Wilson realizes the sequence is happening all over again, her character comically tackles the towel-clad Hemsworth to the floor.

It's no wonder she tells DeVine's Josh that hitting her head has made her feel like she "might be going crazy" and that she "woke up in this alternate universe." It doesn't take long for her to realize that she's not only trapped in a rom-com, but, also — gasp — "it's PG-13."

Add in a montage of NYC street dance sequences — one set to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" in front of Central Park's Bethesda Fountain — along with "a gay sidekick," a kiss in the rain, a healthy dose of Priyanka Chopra, and a delivery truck with a backup signal that doubles as a censor for Natalie's expletives, and the trailer seems to have it all.

Well, almost, that is: What's a rom-com without a romantic dilemma? "I have two love interests in the film because why not?" Wilson, who's also producing Isn't It Romantic, joked to DeGeneres. "When you're the producer, you get to choose that."

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aside from Hemsworth, she revealed that her second onscreen love ends up being her pal and coworker Josh, played, of course, by DeVine. Natalie's sudden realization that she has feelings for him may have something to do with the romance he seems to strike up with Chopra's character in the trailer.

Reuniting with her onetime Pitch Perfect boyfriend was music to Wilson's ears. "We're essentially the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling now," she joked on Ellen of DeVine. "We just play love interests in all movies. Yeah, we're taking over."

Wilson's inspiring message hidden in the film is also taking over the conversation of body image in Hollywood. Sharing the trailer on Instagram, Wilson wrote, "I’m proud to be the first plus size girl to be the lead in a studio rom-com ...PLUS this is the first movie I get a producer credit on !!"

While the film won't be hitting theaters for several months, the new Isn't It Romantic trailer should give fans plenty to feast their eyes on in the meantime anyway.