The 'John Wick 3' Trailer Shows You Why You Should Never Mess With Keanu Reeves' Dog

Whether John Wick likes it or not, he's back in the assassins game and he's brought his new dog along with him. In the John Wick 3 — Parabellum trailer Keanu Reeves' titular hero is a wanted man who's riding horseback through the streets of New York. And no surprise, Twitter is all in on this crazy adventure of a man with his canine companion, who better make it out of this one alive or the internet is gonna be furious.

The trailer opens with Ian McShane's Winston asking, "Jonathan, what have you done?" That's a very good question. Well, it seems John Wick has turned everyone in the criminal underworld against him. This new film, out May 17, picks up where the last one left off, with John Wick trying to make it out of the city alive after assassinating someone he really shouldn't have.

Well, he's not totally alone, he'll have Halle Berry to help him. She's joined the latest installment as Sofia, a friend of John's who also happens to be an assassin. No surprise, this movie is filled with other assassins, played by Billions' Asia Kate Dillon, NBA star Boban Marjanovic, and Jason Mantzoukas, who's playing the Tick Tock Man. Other cameos include Game Of Thrones' Bronn himself and Anjelica Huston as "The Director" who just can't help John Wick. I mean, can't a guy catch a break?

Most importantly, though, in the threequel Wick has still got his second dog companion, who will hopefully make it out of this installment alive after narrowly escaping the second movie. Let's not forget that the death of his pup in the original was how this whole mess started. Seriously, don't mess with a man's best friend or he will come after you. And the internet might, too, since it already suspects Wick's dog is a very good boy.

So good, in fact, that they'd like to bring their own dogs to meet him. "Someone needs to make a petition where people turn up with their dog at the cinema to see #JohnWick3," fan @P_Edwards8 suggested.

But, it seems Berry's dogs are also getting in on the action. One of the standout moments of the trailer is a dog attack that shows the canines are fighting back in this one.

For those fans who wanted more animal action, Reeves' John Wick is bringing a horse into the mix. And while some might think bringing a horse to a motorcycle chase is a bad move, think again. After all, John Wick is the boogeyman whose fighting skills are better than anyone's out there.

"Don't mess with John Wick's dogs or horses," user @summer0001 tweeted, "always ends bad!" Let's just say if he does manage to get away from all the assassins trying to kill him, with his horseback riding skills, John Wick could probably get a job in the rodeo if he wants.

But, then we wouldn't get to see him take out all these hired hands. John Wick might be in for the ride of his life and fans can't wait to watch him go off into the sunset with his dog and his horse.