A $25,000 Gem-Encrusted Juicy Couture Jumpsuit Is Now A Thing, So Start Saving Your Pennies

Courtesy of Farfetch

One of your fave '00s brands is back and revamped yet again! Juicy Couture has collaborated with Swarovski and the customizable collection includes a $25,000 jumpsuit. How practical!

Actually, as Fashionista reports, the one-piece is $25,670. So it's nearly $26,000. It's super cute, but, you know, crystals ain't cheap. We're not sure who has that kind of coin to spend on a romper. But it sure is pretty to look at. It's like a disco ball translated into jumpsuit form. This particular item won't be available until April.

The Paris Hilton and Britney Spears-loved Juicy Couture tracksuits were emblematic of the aughts. From the matchy matchy sets to the plush fabric to the visible branding, Juicy Couture defined fashion of the period.

JC has been reimagined a few times, even returning as a Kohl's fast fashion brand.

But if you have a serious fondness for the original Juicy take on athleisure and love the idea of customizing your velour hoodies and joggers with your name spilled across the butt in Swarovski crystals, then you are in luck. The Juicy Couture x Swarovski collection is available via Farfetch, with more drops planned for April and May.

Bespoke velour tracksuits? How can you not love those?! They aren't cheap, either. But they are investment items. So start saving those pennies.

That's quite a jumpsuit. It embodies '70s chic and Michelle Pfeiffer circa Scarface.

You'll be happy to see that the Juicy aesthetic remains "as is." It's like time has stopped. Grab you bronzer, your glitter body lotion, your Juicy Tubes or MAC Lipglass, and rock a tracksuit! Prices start at $275 for basic pieces, while the more embellished apparel can set you back by $1,350. Customizing and monogramming starts at $40 and can go north of $200.

Cropped Jackets

The Embellished Cropped Jackets are velour, feature the brand's initials in crystal, and come in black, pink, and red. Check out dat bedazzling along the arm. You can wear this with your black track pants or pair it with something you already own.

Fancy Joggers

It's like stepping into a time warp. These powder pink joggers, complete with a zipper and an elasticized waist and ankles, are a modern version of JC bottoms. You can have your name or initials sprinkled across the seat if you so desire.

Bedazzled Sports Bras

Juicy and Farfetch are calling this a crop top. And it is. But it also resembles a bedazzled sports bra. It also displays the "Juicy" logo, which was also a big trend for the brand during its heyday. The crystals make it look undeniably cool. It's like an update of Brit Brit's stage costumers during her Oops!... I Did It Again Tour. It's too expensive to wear to the gym or spin class. But it will dress up a pair of bootcut sweats or pants with wide legs.

Upscaled Boxer Shorts

These are the coolest boxer shorts... EVER! You can wear them with one of the cropped tops or the cropped jackets or the hoodies. Boxer chic is so a thing with these bottoms.

Hoodies For Life

Hoodies are the ultimate in comfort clothes. They go with anything. They can also be upscaled depending on how you style them and what you wear them with. This customizable hoodie is something you'd wear for life, especially since you'd be shelling out a cool grand over it. The smattering of Swarovski crystals along the sleeve and front is cool. But however you monogram makes it a keeper.

Cashmere Hoodies

This beige hoodie with stripes is made of cashmere, which makes it super luxe. It also looks a bit more classic than the usual Juicy hoodie. It's not quite the investment piece that the customizable Swarovski apparel is. But it's still a versatile sweater.

Welcome back, Juicy Couture. It's as though you never faded into the rearview.