Justin Theroux Is In 'The Last Jedi' & His Cameo Is So Ridiculous

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Minor spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi ahead. While everyone was talking about possible cameos by Prince Harry and Prince William in the new Star Wars movie, there's one surprise appearance we weren't expecting. Justin Theroux has a cameo in The Last Jedi, and though small, it certainly makes an impact. At the very least, Theroux's Last Jedi cameo will delight fans of his show The Leftovers who are still mourning the conclusion of the HBO drama.

Theroux's role in The Last Jedi was actually reported earlier in 2017, but talk of other high-profile cameos took center stage, allowing the actor to fly somewhat under the radar on social media and mainstream news outlets. In March, Making Star Wars reported that Theroux would be playing "an expert slicer," the Star Wars version of a hacker. The report also revealed that the actor would appear in the casino scene (previously teased in the first released photos from the film in Vanity Fair), wearing a tux. None of these early reports were officially confirmed, but it turns out they were pretty accurate.

Theroux appears in the film for only a few short seconds — so, Leftovers fans, you're going to want to keep those eyes open. His character, credited on IMDB as Slicer, appears during the scene at Canto Bight — the intergallactic casino — where Finn (John Boyega) and Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) are on a mission from the Resistence. The Resistence needs a codebreaker, and they are tasked with tracking down the best hacker in the entire galaxy. In classic spy thriller style, Finn and Rose are told to look for the man wearing a red floral broach on his lapel, and when they find him, it's none other than Theroux.

Unfortunately for fans, Slicer's role ends there, and the Resistence ends up working with a different codebreaker, but it's still an incredibly fun cameo, and one that has inspired some to speculate on whether or not we could see Theroux play a bigger role in the Star Wars franchise going further. As previously reported, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has been hired by Disney to develop his own new Star Wars trilogy. Thus far, fans know basically nothing bout what Johnson's new saga would be about, but perhaps Theroux's cameo is merely an introduction into the next Star Wars trilogy. Or, maybe it's just a brief cameo.

If there's one thing the past four decades have taught Star Wars fans is that you can never really know anything for sure, and small characters often play larger roles in the universe via books, animated series, or more movies. In fact, slicers weren't even introduced to the Star Wars franchise in one of the big blockbusters. Instead, according to Inverse, slicers made their debut in Heir to the Empire, Timothy Zahn's Star Wars novel released in 1991. Theroux's appearance as Slicer in The Last Jedi marks the first time slicers have had a significant role in one of the live action films.

Whatever Theroux's future role in the Star Wars universe, it's pretty impressive he was able to avoid revealing anything about his Last Jedi cameo before the film was released. Then again, we would expect nothing less form the man who starred on The Leftovers, a highly secretie show, for three seasons. Theroux has a reputation as a good secret keeper, even managing to keep himself from spilling the beans to his wife, Jennifer Aniston, per her request. "She's a fan of the show, so she didn't want any spoilers," Theroux explained during an appearance on Good Morning America, via Harper's Bazaar. "She wouldn't even want to run lines with me... She's that much of a fan." If he can keep Leftovers spoilers form his wife, then it makes sense that the actor would successfully keep his Last Jedi cameo from the media.

If Star Wars does choose to expand on Theroux's role, it looks like we won't know about it until they want us to. And that's probably for the best.