This Is How Much Kylie Cosmetics' Vacation Edition Collection Costs

The hype for Kylie Cosmetics' summer-inspired collection is nowhere near dying down. While the launch is still a few days away, Jenner is releasing more and more information about the line, getting us even more eager as the drop date gets closer. Now that we know when to shop, you may be wondering — how much is Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition Collection? Luckily, you won't have to break the bank.

The Vacation Edition line is one of the biggest collections the brand has released yet. It contains three loose highlighters called "Tahiti," "Santorini," and "Fiji," a quad of full-body highlighters named "The Wet Set," a bronzer and highlighter duo titled "Skinny Dip," a brand-new eye shadow palette with 16 shades, plus new lip kits, nude glosses, and glitter glosses. The massive range fulfills all of your vacay makeup needs with everything you could ever want to accentuate your getaway glamorous skin.

Obviously, the whole collection is lust-worthy, but how much will it cost you? Kylie Cosmetics shared pricing details on Instagram, so there will be no surprises once the products go live on the site. Fortunately for makeup mavens, the entire collection ranges from as little as $14 up to $62.

Some of the more inexpensive items include the Ultra Glow highlighters ($14), the Super Glitter Gloss ($15), and the June Bug Lip Kit ($30). The more pricey pieces include the Take Me on Vacation Eyeshadow Palette ($52), and the Wet Set ($62). There is also an option to get the whole collection (except The Wet Set) as a bundle for $250.

$250 is not exactly cheap, but you're getting a whole lot for your money.

So stunning on the lips. $15 is equivalent to just a few days of Starbucks lattes...

Look at all those lippies!

Swatches are always the selling point for me.

Though a bit on the expensive side, The Wet Set is my absolute favorite piece of the collection.

Only two more days until Vacation Edition launches, and I can hardly wait.