'KUWTK' Just Made A Rare Kylie Jenner Reference & Fans Think It's About Her Rumored Pregnancy

by Nicole Pomarico
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lately, it seems that Kylie Jenner has been keeping her personal life more private than ever. But now, fans have a better idea of exactly how hard actually achieving that can be. On Sunday night's episode, Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed how Kylie's privacy is not easy to maintain, thanks to a (possibly pregnancy related?) Kylie photo "situation" that came up.

While Kris was doing an ITM interview for the show, she got a phone call that made her face immediately change. According to the part of the call that everyone watching at home got to see, someone at Kylie's house was allegedly taking photos of her without her permission. Kris instantly got up to handle the situation, asking Kylie if she wanted the person to be arrested and commenting on how exploitative this kind of behavior can be.

Of course, the moment came with a fair amount of drama, and fans immediately turned to Twitter to try to figure out what happened. Someone tweeted Khloé, saying what they're most interested in this episode is exactly what situation Kris said someone is trying to exploit Kylie for. Could it be her still unconfirmed pregnancy? E!'s been promising us some pretty big moments over this week's two night special, after all.

Being that the clip of Kris answering that call has been in practically all the promos for this half of the season, plenty of fans had been wondering if her shock was from finding out about Kylie's pregnancy. And being that Kris' call with Kylie was so vague, fans didn't like being teased... especially since there's already been so much mystery surrounding the 20-year-old's pregnancy to begin with.

Unfortunately, Kylie's unconfirmed pregnancy wasn't confirmed, and the call actually ended up being about a situation that sounded pretty scary and stressful for them both. Not being able to trust those close to you not to sell you out must be really hard. Still, another episode, another week without a pregnancy announcement... but at least Kylie was actually mentioned on the show this time.

So what really happened with Kylie? Kris never went into it, and as usual, Kylie remained off camera for another week, so KUWTK never had the opportunity to explain what exactly went down (or what photos were taken of Kylie). Obviously, this couldn't have been easy for her to deal with, considering how important her privacy has been for her lately, so it's sad that it even happened. Even though fans are growing weary of wondering if Kylie's really pregnant and if the baby's been born or not, it's totally up to Kylie to announce that information if and when she's ready to. And if the "exploitative" situation that Kris mentioned had to do with her rumored pregnancy, it's even more unfortunate that she had to deal with that, especially from someone she thought she could trust.

A big theme of Sunday's episode was bringing Kris' stress level down a bit, since she's obviously a very busy lady — and between whatever it was that Kylie was dealing with plus Rob and Blac Chyna's legal issues, it seemed like she had been stretched very thin with her Momager duties. That's why Khloé brought in that mime, after all... and as strange as seeing Kris handcuffed to Pierre was at times, it definitely did help her lighten up, even just for a day.

And as wonderful as a Kylie pregnancy reveal would have been, some fans were just as thrilled with Pierre's appearance.

Sunday night wasn't the night the world found out about Kylie's rumored pregnancy, but that day will (hopefully) be here eventually. In the meantime, there's another episode of KUWTK ready to go Monday night. Seems like a good time to drop some major news.