Kylie x Quay Comes With A Fashion-y Freebie

The Kylie Jenner x Quay sunglasses collection will soon be upon us. The capsule, which features four silhouettes and 11 pairs due to a variety of color choices, arrives online on Tuesday, Jul. 11 at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT. The Kylie x Quay sunglasses collab will be sold via the popular Aussie shades brand's site. Shoppers will be rewarded with the cutest, fashion girl freebie... while supplies last, of course.

What is the free gift?

It's a black puffy pom pom that you can attach to your keychain or affix to your handbag strap. It's a fun pouf that adds a little something extra to your ensemble.

Quay, which is pronounced like "key," always offers plenty of trendy and affordable silhouettes. Now, with a supreme influencer like Jenner on board for a special set of shades, Quay is about to graduate from massive to beyond.

In a way, the freebie is a way to thank customers for what is sure to be an Internet-breaking, sells-out-fast launch.

Quay is making it easy for you to remain informed about these frames. You can sign up for email alerts when the Kylie shades go on sale. There is even a time zone converter on the site so that sunnies obsessives can calculate the exact time to say "#ByeMoney."

Kylie x Quay is super stylish! This is Star Struck and it's my fave shape.

Courtesy of Quay

Here is the black puff, which is available for a limited time.

This is the fine print on exactly how to procure one of the pom poms with purchase.

The collection really is fashion forward and it has so much in the way of variety. It's likely going to sell out quickly so if you are planning to shop the launch, know which frames and colors you want in advance.