The 'La La Land' Honest Trailer Addresses The Oscars Best Picture Controversy In An Interesting Way — VIDEO

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Even though the Oscars took place months ago, the world still isn't over the Best Picture controversy in which La La Land stole Moonlight's thunder due to a mix-up forever referred to as #Envelopegate. While the mistake was corrected during the ceremony, and the team involved in Moonlight got to rightfully accept their awards on the night, the cast and crew didn't really get their moment in the sun. Now, thanks to the YouTube channel responsible for Honest Trailers, Moonlight is actually getting the recognition and screen time it deserves. Mainly because the Honest Trailer for La La Land addresses that Best picture controversy perfectly, as far as I'm concerned.

While the trailer starts out by examining La La Land and all of the reasons that the movie won six Oscars, halfway through it switches gears. Just as the Academy Awards realized their mistake halfway through La La Land's acceptance speech, the latest Honest Trailer stops its dissemination of the musical to announce, "Sorry, there's been a huge mistake. Moonlight, you guys are this week's Honest Trailer."

It's great to see Honest Trailers take on a serious topic in such a lighthearted way — but then, to be fair, that's what they do best. It's just even more perfect when applied to this situation, though.

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In its usual, sarcastic style, the voiceover of the La La Land trailer doesn't hold back as they discuss Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's dancing skills. John Legend's role even gets complimented as it's theorized that "it's easier to teach a world class singer how to act than two world class actors how to sing." Wow.

But the truly genius part of the trailer is when it starts discussing Moonlight. Instead of roasting every aspect of the movie, like usual, this Honest Trailer does something totally unexpected. It names, and celebrates, all of the actors in Moonlight that made the movie the masterpiece that it is. No, I'm serious. You need to watch this, because it's really cool and really perfect for those of us who are still mad that Moonlight had to share its Oscars moment.