Avoid Saying This 1 Thing To Your Partner In Quarantine, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

by Kristine Fellizar
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Not everyone is built to stay inside with their significant other for a lengthy period of time. For some, social distancing with their partner can make them even more irritable than normal. If you want to have a more happy and harmonious relationship at this time, avoiding things that tick your partner off is key. Thanks to astrology, we know the last thing your partner wants to hear in quarantine based on their zodiac sign.

Quarantine can bring out some of the best traits in signs like Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces. These signs are most comfortable being at home, they like being physically close to their partner, and they're most likely to take advantage of all this time to better connect with their significant other. Then there are signs like Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius, who love their independence and freedom. When they don't have the space they need, especially while in quarantine, it's tough for them to be the fun, present, and loving partner they usually are.

Knowing what your partner likes and dislikes is essential to keeping your relationship in good shape at this time. So here's the last thing your partner wants to hear when you're in quarantine together, based on their zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)

Aries has been counting down the days until they can safely go out since Week 1 of quarantine. According to astrologer Clarisse Monahan, this sign is all about immediacy. "Don’t tell them to be patient and that all good things come to those who wait," she says. "The ram is the first sign of the zodiac, and they don't like to wait around." It'll only irritate them. Instead, try offering up suggestions on things they can do right now to keep their mind and body busy. They'll appreciate you for it.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

Fixed sign Taurus is notorious for being stubborn, and will do what they want regardless of what you say. According to Monahan, Taurus likes things to be consistent and familiar. "Don’t ask them to spice things up and change the long Netflix documentary on the Vietnam War that they've picked out for the next 18 hours," Monahan says. "They can change, but it has to be on their own (slow) terms." If you try to push them, you'll only waste your energy and make them irritated.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

Gemini needs independence, which is difficult when you’re hunkered down with your significant other during quarantine. The key to keeping your relationship harmonious at this time is to give them space whenever they need it and don't make a big deal out of it either. According to Monahan, "Avoid the urge to include them in your rickety arts and crafts project. If you must include them, choose something more cerebral like a game of Boggle."

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

There's a lot going on right now, and everyone has their opinions about it. Cancers can handle facts, but the last thing Cancer wants to hear is all the bitter and cynical statements about how the virus is a government conspiracy. "Sensitive Cancer hates hearing hard or pessimistic statements," Monahan says. "It's like sandpaper on the Cancer soul." If you really want to talk about conspiracy theories, find a friend or family member to talk about it with. Otherwise, Cancer would rather hear uplifting and inspirational stories.

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)

Even if your Leo tells you themselves that they can't wait to get a tan or a new haircut, don't make any unnecessary comments about their appearance. They're already counting down the days when they can be out and about, and you make a seemingly harmless comment about their quarantine look is going to put them in a bad mood. Just let them vent if they need to, and show how much you appreciate them for who they are. According to Monahan, "These cats don't like it when you're overly submissive, so make sure you speak your mind, just not about their looks."

Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22)

When you're stuck inside with just your partner for a long time, it's easy to make them the target of your jokes. After all, making jokes can help ease tension, and couples who can laugh together stay together. While that may be the case for some people, it isn't for Virgo. Even if you don't mean any real harm by poking fun of their quirky habits, they won't appreciate it at all. "Virgo can be a critical sign, but they're pretty sensitive when it comes to taking it," Monahan says. They're fine to talk things out though, as long as it's brought up in a non-accusatory manner.

Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22)

When it comes to Libra, try to avoid drama and attention-seeking behavior. According to Monahan, Libras hate scenes (private or public) and avoid them like the plague. "While this sign does prefer a passive approach, you don't need to succumb to that," she says. "Simply make your point in a calm, clear, and balanced way, and try to eject all emotion from it." The last thing they want is to get into a big fight over something super trivial.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21)

These are tough times for many people. While some zodiac signs like Pisces would rather block out what's happening in the real world, Scorpio is tough and can handle anything. "Don't try to sugar coat things and talk about how everything is going to be OK," Monahan says. "Scorpio likes dark truths." It's perfectly fine to be positive and optimistic around them. But don't try to lie or hide how you really feel because they can see right through it. If you're feeling anxious over money or your family's health, open up and let your Scorpio know. They'd be more than willing to talk things through with you.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21)

Nothing Sagittarius hates more than being nagged. Why do you think they prefer being single over being in a relationship? If you need them to do the dishes or take out the trash, tell them once, maybe twice, and then just leave it alone. "It will get done," Monahan says. "Sagittarius just likes the freedom to do what they please when they please, and that includes household chores." Telling them repeatedly to do something is only going to frustrate both of you.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19)

Capricorn tends to be pretty level-headed and doesn't get worked up too easily. However, this hard-working and ambitious sign will start to get annoyed if you push them to take a short break and hang out with you when they're in work-mode. Even in quarantine, they will still have work-first, play-later attitude. Telling them that they're no fun because they're so serious about it isn't going to get anywhere. Besides, Monahan says, working is their idea of fun anyway. Don't be afraid to ask them to spend time with you, but don't push if they seem genuinely busy.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18)

Don't say being in quarantine feels like being in prison or that you miss the old way of doing things. If you do feel that way, either keep it to yourself or vent to a friend. According to Monahan, "This is too self-interested for the humanitarian Water Bearer, especially as the world grieves." Right now, Aquarius is thinking about bigger picture stuff, not the coffee house you used to go to every Friday morning that made amazing scones.

Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20)

Pisces like to live in the perfect fantasy world they create in their heads. If they had it their way, they'd be able to stay in quarantine with their partner for as long as they can, just so they can be near them 24/7. Spending so much time with their partner right now is a dream come true for them. So, when it comes to them, Monahan says the last thing they want to talk about is the "drudgery of the every day," such as debt, bills, money, etc. In general, Pisces likes to avoid these topics as much as possible, but even more so now.


Clarisse Monahan, astrologer