The Latest Too Faced Sneak Peek Will Look Familiar To Die-Hard Fans — PHOTO

The master of all sneak peeks is at it again, my friends. Jerrod Blandino posted a photo of an upcoming Too Faced palette featuring a reference to the brand's old logo, and it has fans wondering if an entire throwback collection could be on the way. The brand's 20th anniversary is coming up, and, although they haven't officially announced anything yet, fans are starting to piece some of Blandino's sneak peeks together to figure out what they could be releasing to celebrate. Here's everything to know about the mysterious palette, so you can decide for yourself.

When Too Faced has a product in the making, it's not normally a huge secret, especially if Blandino is involved. The brand's co-founder is constantly posting sneak peeks of new items, but this time might be the best of all. Blandino posted a photo of a jumbo-sized palette on Instagram. Although the name and contents are still under-wraps, there is a big old-school Too Faced eye logo on the front.

The only other hints that Blandino provided were the hashtags #sneakypeek and #I'mNotTelling in the caption. Of course, it's never that simple with Blandino though. He's been posting old school Too Faced products on his Instagram for weeks now, which is why some fans are speculating that a full throwback collection might be on the way. Bustle reached out to Too Faced for more information.

Too Faced was founded in 1998, which means that the 20th anniversary is right around the corner. Blandino loves to tease his fans about a season in advance, so the timing would make sense. Of course, this is all just speculation for now.

The timing would certainly be right for an anniversary collection, and Too Faced fans seem to agree.

Too Faced Instagram

Whatever it is, people can't wait!

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Too Faced Instagram

No doubt about it here.

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Regardless of what it looks like, fans are happy.

Very true.

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That hashtag says it all.

Too Faced Instagram

Hearts will break if this palette doesn't come out soon.

Needless to say, fans have all the feels about this teaser and about the brand's anniversary.