'You The Jury' Will Hear Arguments From Some High-Profile Lawyers


Maybe for the first time ever, Americans aren't groaning about being selected for jury duty. That's because Fox's new reality show You The Jury has viewers deciding real cases from the comfort of their own homes. The show's set will be serving as a courtroom, complete with accredited legal professionals. The attorneys drafted by the show will argue a variety of cases for the audience at home to rule on. And those cases might have real consequences for their clients. So who will be the lawyers on Fox's You The Jury?

According to Fox, six top attorneys will serve as counsel for the prosecution and the defense. The cases will not be of the small claims variety either. You The Jury will deal with online trolling, gay rights, religious freedom, and even wrongful death.

OK, so there are clients, there are lawyers, and apparently you are the jury, but how is this even going to work? Once the cases have been presented, viewers will have the ability to vote during a five minute period via text or the Fox Now app. Then, the verdict will be revealed — though, if the West Coast's votes differ during that broadcast, the decision will be overturned.

The pressure is on for those celebrity lawyers You The Jury promised. Are they up for the challenge? Read on to learn about their illustrious courtroom careers.

Charla Aldous

Michael Becker/FOX

"As a trial lawyer, the courtroom is my second home," Aldous says on her firm's website. The Dallas-based attorney has argued over 200 civil jury trials so far in her career.

Jose Baez

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Jose Baez became a famous name when he defended accused murderer Casey Anthony, who was found not guilty of all charges. He's currently enmeshed in another high-profile and emotional trial. ESPN reported on April 5 that Baez and the rest of his team had rest their case in defense of Aaron Hernandez, the former NFL star facing a double murder charge. (Hernandez plead Not Guilty and maintains his innocence.)

Mike Cavalluzzi

Michael Becker/FOX

According to his firm's website, Mike Cavalluzzi started his legal career as an insurance litigator. Now, he primarily focuses on juvenile cases. He's also an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights.

Benjamin L. Crump

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Benjamin L. Crump is a hero of the Black Lives Matters movement, representing the families of victims like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Areva Martin

Brian Ach/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Martin is a Harvard Law graduate, but seems to spend more time providing legal commentary for news programs and talk shows like The Doctors than she does in the courtroom.

Joe Tacopina

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Joe Tacopina argued cases as a prosecutor before becoming a defense attorney, according to the Tacopina & Siegel website. Tacopina defended Joran van der Sloot, the man found not guilty of murdering American tourist Natalee Holloway in Peru, among other controversial clients.

The lawyers on You The Jury are no strangers to publicity, so they should be right at home on the legal reality show.