These Are All The Celebs You’ll Hear In The New Lego Movie

Warner Bros.

One of the most exciting animated franchises going right now comes from Lego. Every one of their big screen efforts is packed with so many celebs, that it's hard to keep up with who's playing who. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part voice cast features lots of returning favorites, plus some brand new (to this universe, anyway) stars.

Those returning players include Elizabeth Banks as Lucy (and Wyldstyle), Chris Pratt as Emmet Brickowski, Will Arnett as Batman, Alison Brie as Unikitty, Will Ferrell as President Business/Dad, Jonah Hill as Green Lantern, Channing Tatum as Superman, Will Forte as Abraham Lincoln, Cobie Smulders as Wonder Woman, Charlie Day as Benny, and Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth. These are all characters you know and love, but of course, the new sequel is building on that foundation and throwing in a bunch of newbies.

You'll hear the voice of Tiffany Haddish, who plays a shape-shifting figure named Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi. The alien, Queen Wa'Nabi, rules the Systar System, the outer-space world created by Finn's (Jadon Sand) younger sister, Bianca (Brooklynn Prince). Pause for recognition at the pun intended in the name...

Moving on, the addition of the Systar System presents ample opportunity for audiences to meet a whole new cast of characters, which includes General Sweet Mayhem, who kidnaps Lucy from the former Bricksburg. General Sweet Mayhem is voiced by Stephanie Beatriz, and her character acts exactly as it sounds she would, by creating mayhem — sweetly. That means that she shoots ammunition that appears to be glitter hearts and stickers, but it's actually deadly.

General Sweet Mayhem doesn't only kidnap Lucy, but she also captures Batman, Benny, Unikitty, and a new character to the Lego movies, MetalBeard, who is a pirate Lego voiced by Nick Offerman. Once the Legos get to the Systar System, they meet even more characters, some of which are Bianca's Duplo blocks, like Ice Cream Cone (voiced by Richard Ayoade), and Enthusiastic Zebra (voiced by Jimmy O. Yang).

Throughout the film, you'll also meet a few new Lego superhero characters, including Aquaman (Jason Momoa, of course) and Lex Luthor (Ike Barinholtz). Plus, the vocal cast includes two cameos from Bruce Willis and Gary Payton, who play themselves.

Perhaps the most exciting addition isn't a vocal actor but a character, which is none other than a Lego version of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Sadly, RBG herself doesn't voice for the new, amazing character that's based on her, but she reportedly gave the OK for the Notorious RBG to get an animation treatment, per USA Today. IMDb hasn't yet listed the artist who will lend their voice to Ginsburg's character in the justice's stead, but they're bound to command the room.

The human world includes its own exciting cast member addition, too, as IMDb reveals that Maya Rudolph will play Mom, who was noticeably absent in the first Lego Movie. There's so much to look forward to in The Lego Movie 2 that you might just need to listen to "Everything Is Awesome" a few more times to celebrate.