Dra-Lo's Rumored Duet Already Sounds Steamy

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Before I'd even gotten used to the idea that they might be a couple, lyrics from Jennifer Lopez and Drake's rumored duet have made it onto the internet. I can barely keep up. Nevermind the fact that, at 47 and 30 respectively, both halves of this couple are older than I am; they're acting more like millennials than I ever have, snuggling up on the dance floor, kissing in photo booths, and apparently recording a song together before they've even confirmed that they're dating. And while, like the official news of their relationship, this alleged single has yet to drop, there are videos of Drake and J. Lo dancing to the tune at a recent Winter Wonderland-themed party, where Drake and Lopez were named King and Queen. (I really wasn't kidding about the whole millennial thing.)

There's no video of the entire song, but, by cobbling together the footage taken by various surreptitious filmers at the party, I can hear three distinct lyrical lines, and I'm going to use them to guess at what kind of song I think this is turning out to be. Because I'm a pop culture detective, and the world needs my services now more than ever.

"You Need Me To Get That Sh*t Together"

Both Drake and J. Lo seem to sing this line, suggesting the song is about a pair of lovers who are on the brink of things working out or not working out, and someone needs to put in that extra effort to make sure things swing the right way.

"When You're On Time, Tell Me How Much You Need"

This one I'm not positive on, because it could also be "right time", even though that doesn't make a ton of sense. I don't know; it's hard to hear in the little snippet. But, either way, this line also supports my theory that this song is a back-and-forth between a new couple trying to make things work, making concessions to each other and trying to find a compromise.

"Tonight, I Don't Want To Fight"

This is another line that could go either way. It's either, "Tonight, I don't want to fight", or "Tonight, I wanna fall", and either one feels like it supports my theory of the song. I guess I'll just have to wait until the song is released in its entirety to see which lyric is correct.

Regardless, these two are officially adorable as a couple, and this rumored collaboration sounds hot AF. I can't wait for it to drop.