MAC Is Bringing Back Glittery Face Stickers & It's Like Third Grade All Over Again

Nicopanda is one of those streetwear brands where you recognize their pieces on a rack without even looking at the label. The brainchild of fashion director Nicola Formichetti — who previously worked at Uniqlo as the creative fashion director and Diesel as the artistic director — his collections take creativity to the max. Simple white T-shirts come with frothy, sheer slips attached to them (nicknamed "the prom tees"), overalls come in a Millennial pink vinyl instead of denim, and there are even Anorak dresses that double as metallic coats. While there are plenty of athleisure track pants and zip-ups on deck to buy, there are also these amazingly weird and out-of-the-box pieces that make Nicopanda such a special label. And that's why it's so exciting that MAC x Nicopanda are collaborating. They're sure to bring us one of the most out-of-the-box makeup line of the season.

While the collection is going to have a whole bevvy of things — from eyelashes, to sea-foam green lipsticks, to makeup brushes — one of the most exciting additions is a completely new experiment for MAC: face stickers/

Knowing our love for all things nostaligc, Formichetti created a series of glittery face stickers that will make you feel like you're back in the third grade, accenting your frosted lip gloss with holographic Lisa Frank stickers. Except, you know, grown up.

From glittery pink hearts, to black tear drops, to rhinestone-accented bows, to punk-like safety pins, these decals are a playful way to add an unexpected detail to your makeup look. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Formichetti admitted the stickers were his favorite part of the collection.

"I love the face jewelry," he said. "It’s a first for MAC to do a product like this. I can actually spend hours playing around with different combinations."

If you're a traditionalist with your makeup — opting for subtle eyeliner and pink lipstick — this might be a bit outside of your comfort zone. But sometimes it's fun to experiment. You can add one of these decals as a sassy accent on a Friday night, or just play with them at home when you're locked up in your bathroom and experimenting with makeup for the fun of it.

As you can see by MAC's campaign photos, this is a collection that brings some serious amount of fun. To give you an idea what other options are available, check out some of the pieces below.

Face Palette in Preppy Panda

Face Palette in Preppy Panda, $40, MAC Cosmetics

Look at those saturated colors! Featuring four eyeshadows and one blush, this will create a makeup look that is all sorts of creative. The colors are Atomic Blush which is a satin sea foam green shadow, Otaku which is a pastel purple with a pink pearl finish, Harajuku Blu which is a royal purple, and Panda Riot which is a navy blue and violet mix. Then there's Unicorn Dust which is a lavender blush with a silver pearl. So dreamy.

Lipglass in Glitter Parade

Lipglass in Glitter Parade, $18, MAC Cosmetics

The name of this particular Lipglass fits it perfectly: It's a total glitter parade. A lavender gloss with a silver pearl, it looks like it would turn your lips into a total party.

Lipstick in Galactic Mint

Lipstick in Galactic Mint, $18, MAC Cosmetics

Leave the rose colored lipstick at home and try out this bold, mint one instead. But if you like more traditional colors, Formichetti has you covered as well. There is also "Pink Off" which is a bublegum pink, "Pop Babe" which is a bright pink, and "Toung N Chic" which is a deep plum, among others.

As you can see, this is going to be one playful limited-edition collection. MAC x Nicopanda will hit on April 5 and stores on April 11. Don't sleep on it.