One Of These MCU Alums *Has* To Be The Fox On The 'Masked Singer'

The Fox performs on The Masked Singer Season 2.
Michael Becker / FOX

Masked Singer fans may have to rethink their theories about the Fox after the Oct. 9 episode. The Masked Singer Season 2 preview previously teased that the person behind this character is a superhero, but when the steampunk performer finally took the stage, his voice didn't match a lot of the early guesses about actors from the Marvel and DC universes. That doesn't mean it isn't someone who wears a cape on screen, but now, there's a lot more to evaluate.

The Fox's clue package was formatted like a comic book that the Fox read to his daughter as a bedtime story. One page of the book featured the Fox in various costumes: a detective, a spy with an eye patch, a glamorous lady, a greaser, and a cowboy. "I've dabbled in many different genres," the Fox said. "From Doogie to Doubtfire, I've laughed with them all." As Robin Thicke suggested, this seems like it narrows down the Fox's identity to someone who's worked with both Robin Williams (who starred in Mrs. Doubtfire) and Neil Patrick Harris (who played the titular teen doctor in Doogie Houser, M.D.). However, the Fox also said he feels like his "on-air superhero persona" clashes with who he really is, so that early superhero hint is still a key piece of the puzzle.

The panel threw out guesses like Blade star Wesley Snipes and singer/Fast & The Furious actor Tyrese, but neither of those options really fit with the information given. Here are some theories that do.

Wayne Brady

The TV and Broadway star has worked with both Neil Patrick Harris (on How I Met Your Mother) and Robin Williams (on Whose Line Is It Anyway). One of the Masked Singer comic book panels showed the Fox standing in front of three stools, like the Whose Line Is It Anyway? stage, and the Fox's voice totally sounds like Brady.

Figuring out the superhero connection, though, is a little trickier. Brady's only dip into that genre was as a guest star in a Batman cartoon series. Plus, in a recent-ish Spider-Man comic, a fictional version of Brady appeared as an improv teacher. If that doesn't count, the clue may just be a metaphor.

Jenny McCarthy guessed Tony winner Leslie Odom Jr., who originally played Aaron Burr in Hamilton. The Fox's voice doesn't sound quite like Odom Jr., but Brady did play Burr in the Chicago Hamilton cast, so she might not be that far off.

Jamie Foxx

Fans on Twitter are also guessing both Broadway performer Taye Diggs and superstar Jamie Foxx — and the latter does fit some of the clues. Would Foxx really be that on the nose with his costume? Maybe! He also has a superhero connection, having played a villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Plus, Foxx has worked with both NPH and the late Williams. (Diggs has only worked with NPH.)

Jeremy Renner

When "superhero" was the only clue that fans had to go on, many thought that the Fox could be a member of the MCU like recording artist and Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. After hearing the "superhero" clue reiterated in the Fox's introduction on Wednesday, the panel suggested that it could be Anthony Mackie, who first appeared in the Captain America films and is set to star in Marvel's upcoming Falcon and the Winter Soldier series on Disney+.

But fans think that the Fox could be Jeremy Renner, Downey and Mackie's Avengers castmate. Besides playing Hawkeye onscreen, the actor has delved into many other genres with the Mission: Impossible action films, dramas like Arrival, and the comedy Tag. He's also a musician, which matches up with the Fox's singing voice.

Of all these theories, Brady still seems to be the top contender, but as Wednesday night's episode showed, that could easily be debunked by next week.