This Columbia-Inspired Jewelry Line Will Make You Look Like You Found El Dorado

This summer, you can look like you found El Dorado with the help of Missoma's Momposina Colombia-inspired collection. Missoma is a demi-fine line jewelry brand that's a fan favorite with A-list celebs like Meghan Markle, Kaia Gerber, Camilla Belle, and Ashley Benson. Made with 14k gold vermeil and semi-precious gemstones, you can shower, swim in the ocean, and sweat through a workout session, all without worrying about your pieces rusting.

The Momposina collection is inspired by Colombia’s complex and intricate statues, iconic carving techniques, and ancient craftsmanship. Founder, Marisa Hordern, traveled to Colombia and landed in Mompox, a pre-colonial town that dates back to the 1550s and has deep roots in the gold industry. Her jewelry collection is based on Mompox and its rich history. Because of that, Hordern spent countless hours with local people and craftsmen to make sure that her capsule was authentic to the ancient roots of the city and its goldsmith traditions.

Hordern's interest in Mompox began after she was given a book about ancient Colombian jewelry by a friend. "After years of flicking through my book, the exhibition in Bogota was top of my agenda," Hordern shared with Bustle. So she booked a ticket and flew down to see the exhibit in Colombia. "This was my first taste of ancient Colombian craftsmanship up close and I was blown away. The level of intricacy is extraordinary, and the ancient designs still feel so modern."

The designer fell in love with the rich ancient jewelry style, and she decided to travel further north to Mompox to learn from the locals and their century-spanning, gold-wielding traditions. "There is an energy about Colombia that is hard to describe. My team and I have created the Momposina collection to symbolize this feeling and to celebrate the rich heritage and ancient craftsmanship of the country," Hordern says.

The Momposina collection has fun, thoughtful details that nod back to the country's heritage. For example, the pastel colors of stones used within the collection are inspired by the painted streets of Colombia. The motifs were also drawn from period jewelry at the civilization’s height, and the charms and gemstones were inspired by ancient carving techniques and artifacts.

But the collection wasn't just inspired by museum visits. Hordern also directly worked with local artisans, who she was introduced to by Marca Pais Colombia, the country’s culture and tourism brand working towards promoting Colombia internationally.

"In Mompox, we met with Doris Peñaloza, who inspired me greatly. Doris is a local entrepreneur and artisan, who owns and runs a local factory called Wamaris Workshop & Jewellery — employing several craftsmen who work in the ancient craft of filigree, " Hordern says. "We are delighted to have collaborated to create a unique filigree pineapple charm to include as a limited-edition piece in the Momposina collection. As a thank you for their support, Missoma will also be making a donation to the school to support the local community and the filigree tradition that comes from Mompox."

The Momposina collection launches on June 12 at, and it has 40 pieces that you can layer and mix and match. All together, there are 15 earrings, 16 necklaces, three bracelets, and six rings. The collection ranges from $72 to $170, and the pieces are meant to be stacked and layered to create a summer look that will turn heads.

The collection's campaign photos show just how dynamic the capsule is, where the layered gold chains and large statement earrings will have you looking like you found the road to El Dorado. All the photos were shot on location in Mompox, whether that was in the time-frozen streets of the ancient town, in long boats sailing along the Magdalena River, or on restaurant dance floors while a local band played on.

Mark your calendars for the June 12 launch date, and get ready to glint gold this summer.