This Is The BEST Month To Take Your Next Vacation, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's a bit of a harsh winter right now, and vacation is probably on everyone's mind. But when should you actually get off your butt and get out there? There are actually certain months of the year that are better for you to travel, based on your zodiac sign. Although they usually do tend to fall around your birthday, the reason is more than just "because it's your special month." Sometimes it comes down to that you vibe more with the season because of a deeper reason. Ergo, the month of the year you should plan your next trip for is based on important aspects of your sign.

Your soul is going to react differently based on what astrological house (1-12) that it falls in, the element (fire, water, earth, and air are more present during certain months), and temperamental quality (cardinal, mutable, and fixed also represent parts of the season). For instance — Taurus loves May because it's the time of graduation, when people get serious about responsibilities enough for you to subconsciously feel okay leaving the fort untended to, and Leo loves August because the sun, which rules that sign, is at its highest and brightest. Every sign has its own preferences, so let's take a look at why the month you should travel and take a well-deserved relaxing break in is what's best for you.


For you, the spring equinox — this year it falls on March 20 — is the perfect time for you to warm yourself up. You are part of the first house of identity, which because it's first, means you're going to be kicking it at the start of "new life," aka spring time. You'd best be served going out to a new, rural location mid-March and soaking in the full effect of all those flowers and new life blooming around you. It'll give you an optimistic kick for when you inevitably have to go back to the waking world.


You're a responsible, comfortable soul, so you're going to want to get out of the house when it's not too cold, not too hot quite yet. May is the best time for you to relax because it's when your responsibilities (whether it's mid-year for work or at the end of the school year because of graduation) are going to ease up a little. You care a lot about making sure you aren't neglecting your affairs too much due to your second house of possessions, so pick a time and place that's going to feel like an appropriate lull in the road is doable. That way, you can go out of the country if you want or the next state over and have manageable levels of anxiety for both.


You're spontaneous and playful, and you want opportunities to go out and speak your mind! You're a mutable sign that rests in the third house of communication, and you're ruled by Mercury which loves those oratory activities. As the summer begins, remember that the beginning of June is the time when people are feeling the most like they want to try something new... so plan your next adventure with all of your buddies right then. Rev your engines for your next road trip then, and good things will come.


Right around July 4, you're going to probably feel really open to a great, relaxing place surrounded by the people you love. Your ruling house fourth house of family might be musing when to go to that beach house everyone's been talking about, or take a float or camping trip that is unforgettable. The very beginning of July is perfect for this. It's going to ring of comfort, familiarity and camaraderie the most then.


You love when it's swelteringly hot out, August is booming, and you're at your prime as the sun shines high in the sky. You are fixed in your roaring ways as your fire sign's ruling fifth house of pleasure means you'll be looking for maximal hotness out there. You are definitely one for enjoying the beach and places that let you bask and bathe in that natural light, so seek out the best time of year for that — August, the month of solar blessings.


You love a good back-to-school routine (even if you're now an adult, not a college kid). So you're going to travel before push comes to shove. You'll be best served going out on excursions at the beginning of your sun sign season, aka the end of August, just before your responsibilities kick back in. After all, you're a mutable sign so you go with the flow, but you're also looking out for your mental health as ruled by the sixth house of health. Plan your trip around when you feel most comfortable relaxing, which is usually right before you have to go all-in on work, usually at the beginning of a quarter. So take that time and go wherever your heart desires.


You seek balance and you seek excitement, so take a nice trip sometime in the spring during Aries season. Why? Well, you're going to need a nice dose of the other side of the scales when spring time comes around. You always seek equilibrium, and the Aries side of you is what you understand the least (the first house of identity and your own seventh house of balance can get a little at odds). So plan a relaxation during April to feel yourself, truly. Maybe go on an exotic journey to a foreign land, or just a different state you've never been to. Feel the new!


Thanksgiving season is the time for you to seek your thrills. November is the dark time of year where people look for cuddles and comfort, but it might be the time for your fixed water sign self to go out and find new meaning in the eighth house of rebirth and regeneration. A trip can be the most rejuvenating experience for anyone, but especially in the season of Scorpio when it's darkest out.


You play with fire a lot, Sagittarius, so go outside when it's decently warm out and let your adventurous side out. Mid-July could be a good time for you to take a trip. You always seek thrills and are more geared towards an external sort of curiosity, as you're a cardinal fire sign that gets things going! Your ninth house of inquisition and discovery is going to thrive if you when it's the most reasonable temperature of weather.


You love networking and climbing the social ladder, and so you're all about planning a great New Year's resolution. If you spend January 1 at a cool lake resort or take your next epic vacation around the start of a new calendar year, you'll feel prepared to take the next one by the horns. Your tenth house of status will feel confident about being one step ahead of the curve.


You're such a social butterfly, because of course being a fixed air sign with their eleventh house of friendships means you're always where the action is. And what better time to flit around when everyone has love on the brain in February? Plan a group bonding hangout, and let your freak flag fly even while it's cold out. The love will help ya stay warm.


You're at the end of the zodiac as things turn to the next phase before the spring equinox and Aries season, and the solar year's end is actually a good time to do some reflecting. Next Christmas, take your trip out to a new exotic location and spend December doing some much needed R&R. Even if it's the holidays, things are winding down... just as Pisces is the last, soothing soul sign before we are ushered into a new beginning.