This Fall Lippie Lasted Through 3 Meals & 2 Martinis

by Kali Borovic
Morphe Instagram

In case you missed the exciting social media news, Morphe is teaming up with Ourfa Zinali, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist, for the brand's very first Lip Set. It includes a brick red pencil liner and liquid lipstick to match. Let's just get to the point: The lip duo is the best lip color I've ever used. Period.

Move over, Kylie Cosmetics, because there's a new Lip Kit in town.

If you only shop one lippie duo this season, let it be Morphe's Vinyl Lip Set. Maybe it's because this color reminds me of the '90s or I'm just ready for fall, but the brick red color is stunning.

In a time when versatile lip products are taking over the beauty world — I'm looking at you Fenty Beauty — this lip pairing is a contender. Whether you're a pale girl like me or have a deeper complexion, this shade will be the perfect pop and match any skin tone. It's incredible really.

As soon as I slipped the pencil liner and matte liquid lipstick onto my lips, I knew it was a match made in makeup heaven. There's just something so classic about penciling your liner on with a wooden product. Not to mention that it didn't smear or bleed, like some traditional liners do.

While the application is key, the real test comes with wearability. If you can believe it, this lip duo stayed on through three meals and two martinis. I'm talking an oil and vinegar based dressing and a whole night of sipping. It was almost too good to be true. But thankfully this lip color isn't just in my dreams.

I've tested out Morphe Liquid Lipsticks before, and they last forever. The addition of the Lip Liner in this kit makes the similar formula way less drying and more comfortable.

Ready for the best part? Each one of Morphe's Liquid Lipsticks is only $12 and the matching liner is $3. That's a whopping $15 for a full lip look, which is less than just a gloss from other brands.

The Morphe x Ourfa Lip Vinyl Set is the same price as its big sister, and will be available on Sept. 14 at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT. Although single Morphe Liquid Lipsticks have always been available, the only way to snag a new Vinyl is through their very first Lip Set.

Vinyl Lip Contouring Set, $15, Morphe

The brand matching up with a makeup artist is extremely refreshing. Morphe, along with the rest of the makeup world, has had their fair share of YouTuber collabs. While it's great to see influencers creating products, it's about time that makeup artists were given some credit as well — although Zinali does also have a YouTube channel where she gives reviews and tutorials.

According to her Instagram post, Zinali specifically designed this shade for all the '90s babes out there. Although she doesn't touch on the wearability of the shade, she definitely nailed that aspect. It's the perfect pop of fall color.

The brand has yet to announce if this is a limited edition collab or if it will eventually be available as a single. Judging by other products deemed limited edition by the brand, there's a good chance that the product will be around for a while.

Bottom line: Run, don't walk, to go get this Lip Set. Between the gorgeous color, wearability, and how long-lasting it is, you really can't go wrong. The brand might specialize in makeup brushes, but they're proving to be a contender in the lip department.

When makeup artists and brands come together to create a product, magic happens. Fingers crossed that this is the first of many Morphe Lip Sets to come, because these really are something special.