Here's How Many People Actually Get Caught Joining The Mile High Club


The Mile High Club — or, as I like to think of it, having sex while hurtling through the air near some metal canisters of poop — is some people's fantasy and others' worst nightmare. It's something that happens a lot in movies and on TV, but how common is having sex on an airplane, really? Well, a new survey from Saucy Dates, a casual adult dating site, revealed everything you might want to know about joining the Mile High Club. They asked 11,179 of their members about whether or not they were members and, if they were, how it happened. And the Mile High Club is probably more popular than you might think. According to the survey, five percent of respondents have joined the Mile High Club — and a whopping 78 percent would like to. So, people definitely seem game for getting down at altitude.

But before you jump right into having sex on an airplane, it's important that you understand the potential consequences. "The Mile High Club might be exclusive and tempting but consider that while no state law might be applicable if no one sees you, there are surely some number of federal agencies that will find the conduct actionable," Joseph Tully, criminal lawyer and author of California: State of Collusion, tells Bustle, "Since 9/11, it’s best not to stretch the limits on airplanes or you risk the unbridled wrath of Homeland Security — not an agency known for a sense of leniency or humor. Destination sex might be a better bet to stay off the no-fly list.”

So, bear that in mind. But if you want to know about how the Mile High Clubbers went about joining — and how well it worked for them — here's what the survey found.


Almost 60% Did It In Bathrooms

I assumed that everyone having sex with on an airplane was doing it in a bathroom, but in reality only 59 percent were doing it there. How does it work? Well, it can happen a lot of different ways. “I just went to the bathroom when one male attendant was looking at me seductively," one respondent explained. "He winked so I gave him a sweet smile and I gesture him to follow me to the bathroom. He had a huge..." Cockpit. I'm assuming they were going to say cockpit.


But 31% Did It In Their Seats

Nearly a third of people — 31 percent — who had sex on an airplane did it right in their seat, which boggles my mind. “We managed to get three seats for the two of us," one respondent explained. "After a bit of warming up under the blankets, lay down as if to go to sleep and ended up f*cking nice and slowly for a while..." Sounds like a good way to get caught. Unsurprisingly, people who had sex in seats were caught more frequently than those having it in the bathroom.


9% Went With The Galley

Although it's more spacious, the galley seems like a really easy place to get caught having sex. Still, nine percent of those who were going for it did so in the galley.


14% Of Mile High Clubbers Are Caught In The Act

Yup. Over 10 percent of people who decide to join the Mile High Club get caught. Out of those who did get caught, 14 percent were caught by fellow passengers and the rest were caught by staff. To be honest, both of those options sound pretty terrible.


30% Did It With A Stranger

Although 37 percent of people had sex with a partner, a surprisingly high 30 percent of those joining the Mile High Club did it with a total stranger. I guess that adds to the whirlwind excitement of it all.


18% Hooked Up With A Staff Member

Hot damn. Apparently, it does happen — and it happens 18 percent of the time.


15% Did It With Friends

I guess if you're going to have sex in an airplane, you're OK going a little wild. Fifteen percent of people joining the Mile High Club did so with a friend who wasn't their partner.


It's More Common On Night Flights

This probably makes sense — 68 percent of people were having sex on night flights, versus 32 percent doing it during the day.


Plane Sex Lasts About 10 Minutes, On Average

And finally, sex on an airplane tends to last about 10 minutes on average — which I think is actually impressively long considering the risks of getting caught. But maybe if you're going for it, you just want to savor the moment.

The Mile High Club definitely seems exciting — and there are more people interested in it than I would have imagined. But a lot of people get caught and the risks are high, so make sure you're making an informed decision.