The Least Risky Way To Join The Mile-High Club


We typically only hear about the Mile-High Club — aka the people who have had sex on planes — in the context of jokes. Yet apparently, this group has a large membership: 17 percent of people have done something sexual on a plane, according to a Stratos Jet Charters survey. Whether it's the vibrations or the oxygen going to everyone's head, there's something appealing abut sex in the air. Or maybe it's the prospect of getting caught that makes the act exciting — but be warned, this is also what makes it risky.

Sex on a plane, like any public place, could lead to indecent exposure charges. You could also be charged with interference with flight crew members, which could get you up to 20 years in prison in the U.S. In 2014, two strangers were convicted on four charges in Canada. So, let's just say it's maybe not the safest thing to do.

But since people are going to do it anyway, here are some pointers on doing it discreetly — and minimizing the technical difficulties that can come with getting it on in a cramped, potentially dirty setting.

Make It A Quickie

The longer you keep people waiting in line for the bathroom, the more suspicious they'll get. Astroglide's resident sexologist Dr. Jess O'Reilly recommends bringing lube so you don't have to spend as much time on foreplay, she tells Bustle.

Find A Big Bathroom & Make Good Use Of The Space

Aside from being risky, sex on a plane can get uncomfortable. Dr. Jess recommends finding as big a bathroom as you can. "Since space is limited, you might want to consider various sex acts — not just intercourse," she says. But if you are aiming for intercourse, she adds, "plan for positions that allow you to put your feet up on the toilet seat (wear shoes!) or allow you to lean back against the door of the restroom."

Stay In Your Seats

Or, skip the bathroom altogether, throw a blanket over your seats, and use your hands, says Dr. Jess. But obviously, this has its own risks, like being spotted by the people around you.

Pick A Less Busy Time

You'll have the lowest chances of getting caught if you sneak in sex while people are sleeping on a red eye flight, blogger Roy Steele tells Bustle based on his own experience.

Really, Though, Get A Room

If you're desperate to fulfill your fantasy of joining the Mile High Club, the totally safe way to do it is to get a private plane. Love Cloud Vegas offers a Love Cloud Mile High Club Flight for $799-1,399, depending on whether you're in for a half-hour quickie or an hour-and-a-half sex marathon. It may be costly, but so is getting arrested.

As I said, sex on a plane is not easy to pull off. But if you're going to do it, at least exercise caution — unless you've got your own plane, in which case, have at it as loudly and visibly as your heart desires.