Ways To Make Your Partner Melt, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

by Isadora Baum, CHC

According to what you believe in, sometimes the stars know best. When it comes to saying or doing things that will make your partner feel more in love with you, the zodiac can actually come in handy. Because people differ, using signs to make your partner melt can make for more effective results. Personality traits can influence how one responds to romantic gestures, as some things that might be super sappy or a turn off to one person could be over-the-moon sexy and heartfelt to another. Clearly, this can be quite the challenge, as you'll never know just how your partner might respond.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on feeling happier in their relationships, and usually that comes from feeling super close, accepted, and free to act or speak freely, without feeling worried about their partner's reaction. When it comes to being affectionate, it can be even more troublesome, as making these power moves to enhance intimacy can be scary, especially when it's with a relatively new partner. It takes time to get to know who they are and how they react in certain situations. A shortcut? Using the zodiac to guide you. Here, Haley Comet, the astrologer behind Haley Comet Astrology, shares tips, over email with Bustle.

1. Aries

"Aries love a chase, so give them a little something to lust after," says Comet. "They're all about the challenge and the conquest - wear red, take them out for a night on town and play a bit hard to get to activate that warrior within them," Comet adds. This'll keep things fun and spicy, too.

2. Taurus

"Taurus lives their lives through the five senses, so give them a sensual night and they'll give you their hearts," Comet says. For instance, cook an elaborate meal for them, select a fine wine, light candles, play jazz music, touch them often, and have a deep conversation with them.

3. Gemini

"Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac - they'll enjoy accompanying a party with you and being able to socialize with all sorts of people," says Comet. What's more, by seeing you in your element, they'll have all the more appreciation for you. Invite your partner out and really develop that trust and intimacy, moving forward.

4. Cancer

When it comes to Cancer, safety is number one priority, as well as stability in the relationship. "Cancers want to feel safe with a partner. Watch a movie with them, cuddle them, bake them something. Quality time at home means the most to them," says Comet. Here are a few movie choices for date night to set the mood.

5. Leo

There's no denying it; Leo like attention. "The way to a Leo's heart is through their ego. Flatter them, make bold advances towards them, show them off proudly and let them show you off," says Comet. Be sure to give a few compliments and let them be dominant, taking the lead in situations (especially in bed).

6. Virgo

"Virgo's love language is acts of service," says Comet. What does that mean? "By doing something for them - washing their laundry, filling up their tank, making them dinner - your Virgo will melt," Comet explains. Showing gratitude can also boost your own wellbeing and happiness, too.

7. Libra

"Libras love beautiful things and they love feeling beautiful - treat them to a night of art and romance," says Comet. For instance, tell your Libra to get all dressed up and take them to a concert or a museum. You'll have a great night together, and it'll make your Libra feel appreciated and loved.

8. Scorpio

"Your scorpion does rule sex and it's true what they say - nothing is going to rock a Scorpio's world more so than a roll in the hay," says Comet. Here's a way to their heart: Learn a new sex move to try or experiment with a new role play scene or fantasy, says Comet.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarians love adventure and want to feel like their partner is an adventure in him or herself, too. "If you have the time and means to do so, you'll sweep them off their feet with an impromptu weekend trip to somewhere neither of you have ever been. Spontaneity and fun is their love language, so if a trip isn't in the cards, share with them your most thrilling stories, take them on an exotic food restaurant they haven't been before, or suggest some wild date idea, like indoor sky diving," says Comet.

10. Capricorn

"Capricorns look for support from their romantic partners, so call out how much you admire your Cappy's work ethic, vision and dreams," says Comet. "Support them in what they are trying to achieve - for Capricorns, anything less than the best won't do, and having a partner rooting for them will go far with them," Comet explains.

11. Aquarius

"Aquarians are the sign of friendship so above anything else, they want to feel like they have a friend in you," explains Comet. By spending time with them doing a hobby they love, you'll truly woo them, Comet adds. Ask your partner for interests and set a plan in motion. Work on forming a solid friendship and care for each other before advancing into a relationship.

12. Pisces

Pisces are the ethereal dreamers of the zodiac, so to woo them, appeal to their artistic and romantic side. "Write them a poem, strum them a song, or write a love letter on old paper," says Comet. You'll truly touch your partner's heart, and maybe you'll get one in return.

If you're looking to gain some major points with your partner, don't fear the zodiac. Instead, embrace it, as it's actually on to something, here.