This Is The Most Memorable Thing About You Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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Sometimes it's easy to discern someone's zodiac sign based on how they present themselves to the world. This is because each sign of the zodiac has unique traits that can inform your personality. The most memorable thing about you based on your zodiac sign might be something you don't even realize is written in the stars. Even if you don't believe in astrology, it's been around for more than 2,000 years and has been used to predict everything from natural disasters to the rise of world leaders.

Personally, I find some astrological coincidences hard to ignore. For example, I have been surrounded by a disproportionate number of Virgo-born people my entire life. From my parents to my romantic partners to friends and co-workers, there has not been a day in my life that has not included several Virgos as main players. This means either this sign has something to teach me, or I have Virgo somewhere in my birth chart.

Whether people are drawn to you, seek you out for guidance, rely on you to find the fun, or even to help them decorate their apartment, it could be because this trait is magnified in you because of the sign you were born under. Still not convinced? See if the most memorable thing about you based on your sign matches up.


Aries Is Sprinkled With Pixie Dust

OK, so Aries-born people are not literally sprinkled with pixie dust, but it sure seems that way. This fire sign is effortlessly energetic and charismatic, which means people are naturally drawn to them. It's no surprise that Lady Gaga is an Aries because, according to the Psychic Library, people born under Aries tend to be adventurous trendsetters who aren't afraid to take risks.


Taurus Is Stubborn AF

You probably already guessed this one, but sometimes the cliché is true. People born under earth sign Taurus are known for digging their heals in and not budging, sometimes to their detriment. However, despite being stubborn AF, Taurus is also persistent and determined, Psychic Library noted. Basically, if Taurus doesn't want to do something, no amount of pleading is going to change their mind. However, if they have a goal they want to reach, absolutely nothing will get in their way.


Gemini Has Charm For Days

Air sign Gemini is naturally charming, and everyone wants to be around them all of the time. If you've ever seen a person effortlessly work a room, captivating everyone they encounter, that person was likely a Gemini. Psychic Library called Gemini bright, witty, and outgoing, and added that their inherent charm guarantees they'll be the center of attention in any room they're in. Gemini is so charming that when they're not around you wish they were.


Cancer Wears Their Heart On Their Sleeve

You might have that one friend who is always declaring that they're in love with someone after only knowing them a few days. This person is probably a Cancer. Water sign Cancer is ruled by intense emotion, and they like to tell everyone how they're feeling all of the time. Now that I know that Tom Cruise is a Cancer, his whole awkward couching jumping spectacle on Oprah makes complete sense. Psychic Library noted that Cancer is a born nurturer, and the crab freely shows their affection for others.


Leo is The Center Of The Universe

Fire sign Leo is the center of their world and everyone else is just living in it. It's no surprise that look-at-me legend Madonna is a Leo. The thing you'll remember most about Leo is how much Leo loves Leo. While this could be off putting in some people, Leo will also convince you that you should love them too. Psychic Library wrote that Leo's ultimate goal is to ensure the wellbeing of their kingdom, and Leo's warmth and light will have most people clamoring for a spot in Leo's life.


Virgo Wants Everything Perfect

Nothing less than perfect is acceptable for earth sign Virgo. While Virgo's perfectionism can be annoying sometimes, if you want something done right a Virgo is the person to call because, as Psychic Library noted, Virgos are meticulous, practical perfectionists. Virgo's attention to detail, analytical mind, and ability to excel behind the scenes make this sign ideal for anything that involves planning and problem solving. A Virgo is the kind of person who will figure out how to survive the zombie apocalypse with nothing more than a book of matches and a stick of gum.


Libra Is The Fairest Of Them All

While known for many things, air sign Libra is known for their need to seek balance, harmony, and justice above all else, Psychic Library noted. Because of this, Libra is a natural-born peacemaker, and is often sought out to settle disputes. Libra's ability to see both sides of a situation objectively has earned this sign a reputation for being fair. Basically, if there is only one piece of pizza left, Libra will make sure you get exactly half.


Scorpio Wants To Know Everything About You

Water sign Scorpio is the sign most likely to ask you extremely personal questions 10 seconds after you meet them. And, because Scorpio is also extremely charismatic, you'll probably tell them everything. Psychic Library called Scorpio intuitive and curious, making them the great investigators of the zodiac. Basically, if you want to pump someone for information, send a Scorpio.


Sagittarius Is The Eternal Optimist

If you need a pick me up, look no further than fire sign Sagittarius. For the eternally optimistic Sagittarius, the glass is always half full, and everything's gonna be all right. Psychic Library called Sagittarius jovial and freedom loving, which means a person born under this sign is an ideal road trip mate.


Capricorn Has Patience To Spare

Of all the signs, earth sign Capricorn can wait out anyone for anything, and they won't even be bothered about it. Psychic Library called Capricorn patient and confident, and wrote that having to wait for glory is not a problem for this sign. Because Capricorn is patient, they're unlikely to get ruffled about things that bother other people, like traffic or having to wait in a long line. Capricorn knows that good things really do come to those who wait.


Aquarius Exudes Eccentricity

Air sign Aquarius tends to be exciting, entrancing, and unpredictable, according to Psychic Library. Another word that comes to mind when thinking of Aquarius is "eccentric." This sign is creative, independent, and constantly coming up with ideas that seem just crazy enough to work, but unrealistic enough to make more cautious signs back away. If you're not attached to structure, routine, or outcome, spending time with an Aquarius can be fun an exciting. If you are, it'll likely be you worst nightmare because Aquarius charts their own course. You can come along or not, they really don't care.


Pisces Prefers To Live In A Dream World

Sometimes it can be hard to understand where water sign Pisces is coming from. This is because Pisces lives in two worlds: the "real world" and a fantasy world they have created in their mind. Because you've never been to this fantasy world, it can be difficult to relate. Psychic Library called Pisces sensitive, an escapist, secretive, vague, and easily led. These qualities make Pisces and an ideal candidate for joining a cult as their constant desire to escape has them always seeking a better, less realistic, way to live their lives. If Pisces isn't happy with what's happening in the outside world, the fish will simply swim inward to their dream world.