This Is The Most Popular Dating App In Your State


When it comes to choosing a dating app, it's definitely not a one-size-fits-all-approach. Different dating apps are good for different things. And whether you're looking for sex, a relationship, or just feeling out what's out there, one of the most important things about using an app is finding a platform that works for you.

"Successfully using a dating app means that it is providing you with your desired outcome," Antonia Hall, psychologist, relationship expert, and author of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life, tells Bustle. "For some, that may mean finding a well-suited match for a long-term relationship or marriage. For others, it might mean finding attractive partners for casual hookups."

But there are so many different dating apps out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin — and some dating apps are definitely more popular than others. Interestingly, new data shows just how much the most popular dating apps vary from state to state. SimpleTexting, the SMS and text marketing services company, looked at the most popular dating app Google searches in every state to figure out which apps where the most popular around the country — and it was way more varied than you might think.

Match came in at number one in 11 different states, while Tinder came in second, ranking number one in six states — and there were a whole lot of other apps that were the favorite in just a couple of states here and there.

Want to know where people were swiping near you? Here are some of the top dating apps, by state, because Tinder definitely doesn't have the monopoly on right swipes.


California: Coffee Meets Bagel

Ah, the time-pressed Californians. Maybe that's why they go with Coffee Meets Bagel, a dating app that only gives you curated matches only once a day, to keep swiping from taking over your life.


Florida: Huggle

If you haven't heard of Huggle, this app is based on location, connecting you with people who visit the same places you do. Clearly, convenience is king.


Hawaii: Coffee Meets Bagel

Hawaii, where in my head everyone is too busy enjoying their happiness to be swiping all of the time, also chose the efficient Coffee Meets Bagel approach.


Illinois: Match

As Match had the most number one spots of any app, it's no surprise that it took the top spot in Illinois.


Kansas: EliteSingles

Kansas was one of the few states where EliteSingles came in at number one. With a focus on a refined membership and curated matches, EliteSingles aims for long-term relationships between professionals.


Massachusetts: Hinge

Hinge is all about getting people off of apps and onto dates and it was the top choice for users in Massachusetts.


Nebraska: hater

Who knew the folks of Nebraska were so negative? Their top app was hater and app that — you guessed it — connects you through the things you hate, which actually sounds pretty fun.


Nevada: Grindr

What happens in Vegas... stays on Grindr. Grindr, the gay hookup app that needs no introduction, is the most popular dating app in Nevada, home of Sin City.


New York: Match

Match also came top in New York, meaning it was not only the most popular app in the most states, it was the most popular app in some of the biggest states.


Texas: HER

Who would have guessed? HER, the queer dating and social app popular among lesbians, was the number one app in Texas.

As you can see, though there are some big-hitters in the dating app world, there are so many popular apps to choose from. So focus on finding the right dating app for you, because there's a whole new world out there once you start swiping.