The Most Popular Emoji On Tinder During V-Day Is..

by Kristine Fellizar
Mila Supynska/Fotolia

This Valentine's Day you can share your feelings the old-school way by taking the time to handwrite a love letter to the one you love. Or you can totally do it the Millennial way and profess your feels with emojis. After all, one of the easiest ways to amp up your flirty text game is to throw in an emoji or two. Thanks to Tinder, we now know what the most popular emojis used on Valentine's Day are.

It may be hard to believe but emojis do impact our loves lives in different ways. Overall, using them can have some pretty positive effects. It's more of a turn-on than anything else. For instance, emojis users were found to have more sex than non-users, go on more dates, and are two times more likely to get married. Who knew a little smiley with heart-eyes could make all the difference in your love life? Besides, experts say sexting is good for your relationship. So adding a few emojis could really help take your sexting to the next level.

"Sometimes continuing a conversation with someone you haven’t met can be a bit daunting," Tinder Sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino tells Bustle. "People tend to have a hard time reading the mood or vibe of the conversation when it’s not in-person, especially since 93 percent of communication is non-verbal. Emojis are great for adding tone and expressing how you’re feeling when you first start messaging someone."

With so many different emojis out there to choose from, which are the best to use? They key here is to keep it simple. Here are the top five most popular emojis used on Tinder during Valentine's Day.


The Blushing Smiley

Kristine Fellizar

For some reason the blushing makes it look a little more flirty than the typical smiley. So it doesn't hurt to throw one in whenever something makes you super happy.



Kristine Fellizar

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without an overabundance of hearts.



Kristine Fellizar

Laughter goes a long way in a relationship. So if you're sending these or getting these as a response, I'd say things are going pretty well.


The See-No-Evil Monkey

Kristine Fellizar

Some use it when they're feeling shy or don't know what to say. But it's typically used as a cutesy way of expressing, "OMG, I'm so embarrassed" without words.


The Winking Face

Kristine Fellizar

Remember when this ;) was still a thing? I know I still use it from time to time just out of habit. But when it comes to flirty texting, the winking face is the ultimate classic.

"Emojis can definitely enhance the flirtation level of a conversation depending on the type of emoji you use," Carbino says. "They don’t necessarily have to be romantic in nature (ahem, the heart and kissy face). Instead, they should be used to point to a romantic or fun activity, like some of the most popular emojis from last year — the winky face and dancing shoes. Emojis allow people to be creative, playful and, yes, flirty!"

The most popular V-day emojis are ones you probably already use on a daily. You can choose to keep it relatively simple with a winky face and a couple of hearts. Or if you want, you can try getting a little more creative with how you express your feelings this year. Who knows? It might lead to a more exciting Valentine's Day than you initially planned.