The Most Popular Places To Propose Around The World Are All Instagram-Worthy As Heck

A lot goes into planning a proposal: the where, the when, the who. I mean, you probably have the "who" figured out, but you get what I’m saying. If you’re looking for the perfect place to propose — or you’re looking to live vicariously through newly engaged couples, which, quite frankly, is equally romantic — perhaps you should peruse this list of the most popular places to propose around the world. Number one is the list is as romantic as you’d expect.

The list comes from wedding website Hitched. They analyzed Instagram hashtags (over 10,000 actually) in order to find those places most often tagged with proposal-related phrases, like #bridetobe and #engaged. From that data, they were able to find the top ten most common landmarks around the world for proposals, even calculating the frequency in which couples get engaged at each location.

The top spot on their list? Disneyland, Paris. About one in every 500 proposals happens in the happiest place on earth ... in the most romantic city on earth. Paris landmarks make up two of the top ten most popular proposal locations. However, Disney appears to be most couple’s epitome of romance as three of the top ten landmarks are in Disney parks around the world.

Makes sense since Mickey and Minnie are basically the OG Disney couple goals.

Francois Durand/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here’s the full list from Hitched, complete with how often couples get engaged there. Use it to start scouting perfect proposal spots. Use it while scrolling through Instagram to awww over all the #engaged posts. (Or, if you hate romance and happiness, try to avoid this places at all costs.)

  1. Disneyland, Paris: one in 500 proposals
  2. Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Florida: one in 555 proposals
  3. Centennial Lakes Park, Minnesota: one in 625 proposals
  4. Eiffel Tower, Paris: one in 679 proposals
  5. The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles: one in 1,000 proposals
  6. Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge, New York: in joint 6th place, one in 1,111 proposals
  7. Niagara Falls, Ontario: 1 in 1,250 proposals
  8. Walt Disney’s Epcot Park, Florida: one in 1,428 proposals
  9. Big Bear Lake, California: one in 1,666 proposals
  10. Bondi Beach, Sydney: one in 2,000 proposals

Disney, Paris, and some body of water seem to be the keys to a perfect proposal spot.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you’re not familiar with Centennial Lakes Park in Minnesota, one of the few places on the list that isn’t a world renowned landmark, you should definitely get familiar. You can start by taking a virtual tour of the park on Google maps. After a few clicks, it’ll be clear why so many couples get engaged there: it’s picturesque and quaint and likely less inundated with screaming toddlers than a Disney park. You can also get married there if you’re looking for an affordable option: event rentals are only $1,195 for Saturdays. That’s significantly cheaper than the $16,107 couples spend on average on wedding venues.

Of course, there are plenty of less cliche places to get engaged. Or at least plenty of places that won’t cost you a plane ticket, park admission, and come with a high likelihood of running into another couple getting engaged. You can rarely go wrong with getting engaged at a place special to the two of you, like your first date spot. My fiance and I got engaged at home, which is both our happiest place on earth.

Hell, you could get engaged at a Panera and celebrate with a bread bowl, the world’s most romantic form of bread. As long as you’re with the one you love, there really isn’t a wrong way to propose.

Unless it’s with an avocado. Then, it’s probably the wrong way.