These Are The Top 5 Sex Positions Cheaters Prefer

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The reason why someone cheats on their partner will always come down to the unique relationship they're in and their personality. But still, it's hard not to be curious about why people stray. If you've ever wondered if it's just a case of getting bored and wanting more sexual experiences, well, new survey numbers show that just might have something to do with it.

According to a recent survey from Ashley Madison, an extra-marital affair website, we're more likely to get kinky with those who aren't our partner than someone we're in a relationship with. They surveyed 1,456 members of their site and found that only 38 percent use sex toys with their spouse, while 65 percent said they got toys involved with their affair partner. The same was true of role play — only 16 percent performed role play with their spouse but three times as many respondents said that they performed role play with an extra-marital partner.

The desire to mix it up was even true with something as simple as sex positions. Ashley Madison found that 53 percent tended not to try new sex positions with their spouse, but a whopping 93 percent said that they did with an extramarital partner.

But the interesting thing is, the most common sex positions they typically go for aren't anything too wild. Although men and women were slightly different in their preferences, the same sex position came out on top for both genders. Here are the sex positions that cheaters love, according to Ashley Madison.

Favorite Positions For Women

Doggy Style: 57%

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Winning by a landslide, 57 percent of women surveyed said that doggy style was their top sex position. I mean, it's pretty damn sexy and something about it does fit an affair — it's all about the sex and less about the connection, which can be just the trick sometimes.

Missionary: 33%

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The old standby, missionary, was the most popular position with 33 percent of female cheaters. Hey, it's a classic for a reason.

Legs Over The Shoulder: 28%

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If you're bendy, this position is always a fun option. That's probably why over a quarter of women surveyed said that some variation of legs over their partner's shoulder was a favorite.

Cowgirl: 25%

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I'm surprised this was so far down the list, but only 25 percent of women surveyed said that cowgirl was the best position. To me, it's a total "I'm taking charge of my sex life" option that sounds like it would be in line with an affair, but then again, everyone is different.

Legs Up: 25%

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Another bendy option, the same amount of women who chose legs up as their favorite position chose cowgirl. It's a great position for deep penetration and, from a certain angle and it can also provide coital alignment for great clit stimulation.

Favorite Positions For Men

Doggy Style: 53%

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Although it was slightly less popular among men than it was for women, doggy style was still the favorite position. Over half of male respondents said that it was their number one, making it a clear winner for both men and women. There are so many ways to mix it up, and it's great for clit play and deep penetration.

Cowgirl: 37%

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Interestingly, cowgirl was more popular among men than among women. Thirty-seven percent of men said it was their favorite, compared to just 25 percent of women, which suggests that hetero men having an affair really like a woman in charge.

Missionary: 36%

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Missionary wasn't far behind, coming in at just one percent less than cowgirl at 36 percent. It's easy, it does the job, and it feels great — so no surprise it's a favorite.

69: 31%

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One position that didn't even make the top five for women came in at number four for men: 69. It's easy to see why — everybody's getting something, after all.

Legs Over the Shoulder: 30%

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A great position for deep penetration, the over the shoulder option was another favorite for men. It's intense and intimate and, if you're flexible enough, it's also really comfortable. Just make sure you have a stretch first if you need to.

As you can see, while cheaters may be more likely to try out a new position with an affair partner, their go-tos are the classic options. And it's easy to see why — they're a lot of fun for both people involved.