These Are The Most Right-Swiped Jobs For Men & Women On Tinder


Who gets the most right swipes on Tinder? You've probably thought that people who kill it on Tinder are super hot, have something special in their photos, or have the wittiest bio ever. But someone's job may also play a role. Tinder just released its most right-swiped professions for both male and female users — and it seems like some professions are getting a whole lot more love than others.

Which makes sense, because what you choose to do for work says a lot about who you are. "We love seeing all the different occupations of our users," a Tinder spokesperson tells Bustle. "From interior designers and photographers to engineers and dentists, this year’s list of most right-swiped jobs is comprised of such a variety of different occupations in different fields — it’s always surprising to learn more about our user base and who gets the most right swipes."

Not only is it it interesting to see the general trends, but adding your job to your profile is also a good way to spruce up your dating game. "Adding your job to your Tinder profile is a great way to provide additional insight for potential matches and better showcase your interests and talents," the spokesperson says. "Jobs in fields such as interior design, photography and makeup artistry show strong creativity, while jobs in the medical field, such as dentists, nurses and physician assistants show a desire to help others. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a potential match!"

So what careers are winning a place in our hearts? Here's what Tinder found.

The Most Right-Swiped Jobs For Women

Registered Nurse

There's no denying that being a nurse is a laudable and important profession. And it looks like Tinder users are recognizing that, as it was the most popular profession for women.


Dentists came in as the second most attractive profession for women on Tinder.


It's unclear if they mean professional photographer or "Like you don't even understand, my Instagram pictures are *really* good." photographer, but it came in at number three on the list for women.

College Or Graduate Student

Considering how many college students there are out there on dating apps, it makes sense that college and graduate students made it into the top five.


There are a lot of medical professions happening on this list, with pharmacists also making the top choices for women.


Teaching is one of the most amazing and difficult fields you can go into, so it's nice to see teachers getting a little credit.

Flight Attendant

Finally, flight attendants rounded out the top seven most right-swiped careers for female users. Hey, it's hard to resist those frequent flyer miles.

Most Right-Swiped Jobs For Men

Interior Designer

How many interior designers have you met? But, wherever they are, they're getting some attention.


It sounds like something out of a 70s porn, but people just love swiping right on pilots.

Physician’s Assistant

*Pretends to know the difference between a physician's assistant and a nurse.*

With all of the medical professions on here, perhaps it was no surprise to see physician's assistant come in the top three for men.


Much to the delight of lawyers (and overbearing mothers) across the globe, lawyers were one of the most desired career choices.


PR and communications professionals came in at number five, which is not really a shocker when you remember that they know how to market themselves.


Producers of what? Apparently, it doesn't matter — we're swiping right for them.

Visual Designer

Finally, visual designers rounded out the top seven. Out of both lists, this one definitely sounds the most ~millennial~ on the list.

There are a lot of different ways to meet someone on a dating app, so if your profession didn't make the list, wow 'em with a killer picture or clever bio.