Tinder's Newest Feature May Eliminate Endless Swiping

by Natalia Lusinski

In the ever-competitive world of dating sites and apps, new features seem to come out often. Now, Tinder is introducing a new feature that offers curated matches, so you can let the dating app do the matchmaking for you. You know how time-consuming swiping can be, so the Tinder Picks feature seems like a good addition to the app. Basically, the Tinder gods see what kind of people you swipe on — such as creative types or travelers — and then they “pick” certain ones for you based on interests you have. I don’t know about you, but anything that limits endless swiping sounds like a win.

“With Picks, we’re offering users a new way to discover the most interesting people on Tinder,” Brian Norgard, Chief Product Officer at Tinder said in a statement shared with Bustle. “Picks delivers a personalized, premium user experience within Tinder Gold that puts a spotlight on unique characteristics that make our users stand out. Just like a friend who introduces you to someone special because you share common interests, Picks makes finding potential matches even simpler, more fun, and more useful. For years, our users have asked for this sort of feature — we couldn’t be happier to deliver.”


Even though the Picks feature sounds amazing, it *does* come with a few catches. So before you go looking for Picks within your Tinder account, here’s what you need to know about the Picks feature.


To Use It, You Have To Be A Tinder Gold Member

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First and foremost, before you get excited about your curated Tinder matches, you need to be a Tinder Gold member first. I know — how much will this cost? According to a Tinder spokesperson, the app is currently testing new subscription prices for new Tinder Gold subscribers in markets where Picks is available; however, existing subscribers will be grandfathered in. “As a global business, we utilize a dynamic pricing structure that offers multiple price points that vary by region, length of subscription, recent in-app promotions, and more,” the spokesperson tells Bustle.

But, again, if you’re tired of ending up with too many matches on Tinder, paying for Tinder Gold seems like a small price to pay for some help in getting match suggestions, especially personalized ones.

In case you only use the free version of Tinder, Tinder Gold is an in-app subscription which offers you many features, including Unlimited Likes — yep, swiping as much as you want, Passport — so you can talk to anyone in the world, Rewind — in case you swiped left when you meant to swipe right, Boost — once a month, you can be the top profile in your area for 30 minutes, Extra Super Likes — Super Like more people, and Likes You — before you swipe right, you can check out who likes you.


It’s Only Available In Certain Countries — At Least Right Now

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Sadly, Picks is only being tested in certain countries right now: the U.K., Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Russia, and the Netherlands. So, it’s good news if you’re in one of those countries, and hopefully it’ll do well enough to expand to more places.


It’s Only Available On iOS

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At the moment, Tinder Picks is just available on iOS, but it will be rolling out on Android in the coming weeks.


It’s Easy To Use

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To use Tinder Picks, it’s easy. All you have to do is find and tap the diamond icon at the top of your Discovery screen and voilà! But if you want to look at your Picks’ profiles, this is when you’ll need to be a Tinder Gold member. Then, you can swipe on them or send them a Super Like.

And if you’re wondering if you can still swipe, not just choose potential matches from your Picks, the answer is yes. Since you’ll be a Tinder Gold member anyway, you’ll have Unlimited Likes, so you can still swipe all you’d like.


Tinder Picks Disappear After 24 Hours

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This may be the best thing about Tinder Picks — they disappear after 24 hours. So, if you’re intrigued with a Pick, don’t wait — swipe instead. With the 24-hour limit on each set of Picks, this could help Tinder users be proactive about swiping on their Picks, which will get them closer to matching with their Picks, which will lead to messaging and meeting their Picks IRL. And that’s what dating apps are all about, right?

You may be wondering: What happens after 24 hours? You’ll get a new set of Picks. So even if you missed out on yesterday’s Picks, yes, you’ll get new ones, but that doesn’t mean you should let other ones fall to the wayside if you’re interested in them. Looking at your Picks each day seems like a small enough commitment for your dating life, so it should be doable.


You Get 4-10 Picks, But You Can Buy More

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Each day, users will be shown between four and 10 Picks, but if you’d like even more, as long as you’re a Tinder Gold member, you can buy more Picks à la carte. Yes, please. According to a Tinder spokesperson, price points are still being determined.


You Can See Picks Around The World

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With Tinder’s Passport feature, you can see your Picks from around the world, which is another great perk. After all, you never know if the love of your life is in another country from you right now, and Picks can help you meet them.

As you can see, there are many benefits to Tinder’s new Picks feature. If it tests well, it'll hopefully roll out to more countries, like the U.S., in the near future and you can test it out for yourself.