The New 'Game Of Thrones' Book Isn't Finished, But These 15 Fantasy Series Definitely Are

Fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire series have been anxiously awaiting the release of the next Game of Thrones book, The Winds of Winter, and the final book, A Dream of Spring, since the fifth installment, A Dance with Dragons, was released in 2011. Now that HBO's Game of Thrones is officially over, the wait seems even longer. If you're looking for a new fantasy series to read, but don't want to wait on sequels, well, I don't blame you. I've got 15 fantasy series that are already finished on the list below, so you can finish an epic story without waiting anxiously for the next installment.

Science fiction and fantasy fans know what it's like to wait years, and even decades, for the next book in a series to arrive. J.R.R. Tolkien waited 17 years between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring. Stephen King's seven-book series, The Dark Tower, took 22 years to complete, with two six-year breaks between the third, fourth, and fifth installments. And fans of a number of sci-fi and fantasy series — such as The Kingkiller Chronicle, The Exiles Series, and The War Against the Chtorr — are still waiting on authors to complete the stories they love.

If you're a fan frustrated by the incompletion of one of the fantasy series listed above, or you're waiting on the return of a different series entirely, this list will help you choose your next reading project. All of the fantasy series on the list below have been completed, which means you won't have to wait to read the next book — unless you want to.

The Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

The series that broke multiple records, three years running, N.K. Jemisin's Broken Earth Trilogy follows Essun, a woman born with the power to control seismic activity, as she traverses a broken landscape to avenge her son and save her daughter from the man who murdered him — the children's father.

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The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

Centering on the assassin FitzChivalry "Fitz" Farseer, Robin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy follows her antihero protagonist as he aids his uncle, Prince Regal, in fighting a war against zombie-making pirates. But when Regal's ambition and jealousy threaten his homeland, whose side will Fitz wind up on?

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The Wrath and the Dawn Duology by Renée Ahdieh

Based on The 1,001 Nights, Renée Ahdieh's The Wrath and the Dawn duology follows Shahrzad as she attempts to avenge her friend's death at the hands of an evil, murderous king — by becoming his next wife.

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The Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik

Set during the Napoleonic Wars, Naomi Novik's Temeraire Series begins with English Captain Will Laurence discovering a dragon egg among the hoard of a captured French ship. The dragon, Temeraire, imprints on Will, forcing him to transfer to the Aerial Corps, where he learns to fly his new friend into battle.

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The Young Elites Series by Marie Lu

In the wake of a deadly plague, young survivors have been left physically marked by the disease. Rumored to possess powerful abilities, these survivors, dubbed the "Young Elites," are now hunted by the ruling government — and sought out by the Dagger Society. Adelina is one of the Young Elites, but her powers are like nothing anyone, even in the Dagger Society, has ever seen before.

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The Shades of Magic Trilogy by V.E. Schwab

Able to pass through the four connected Londons — Red, White, Grey, and Black — Kell serves as an ambassador and court magician in Red London. But when he is tricked into bringing a dangerous artifact out of Black London, an artifact that the evil empire of White London wants, Kell must find a way to stop the darkness that plunged Black London into the abyss, without starting a war between the parallel worlds.

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The Wintersong Duology by S. Jae-Jones

Liesl knows all about the Goblin King, all of the stories and legends. She even wrote songs about him. When the Goblin King takes her sister as his bride, Liesl mounts a rescue mission that takes her deep into the heart of his kingdom, the Underground, where the rules are different — and dangerous.

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The Heralds of Valdemar Series by Mercedes Lackey

A trilogy in Mercedes Lackey's sweeping tales of Valdemar, the Heralds of Valdemar centers on Talia, a young girl chosen by the magical stallion Rolan to be a Herald: one of Valdemar's most exalted warriors and protectors. Talia's destiny isn't to be just any Herald, however, but the Queen's Own Herald — her most trusted advisor.

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The Sun Sword Series by Michelle West

A nation made up of five clans, the Dominion once achieved a longstanding peace when clan Leonne used the Sun Sword to unite them. Now, two rivals have joined forces to exterminate clan Leonne, and to rule the Dominion for themselves.

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The Quarters Quartet by Tanya Huff

When Princess Annice abdicated her throne to study at the Bardic Hall, she promised never to complicate the rule of succession by bearing children. Branded a traitor after freeing the father of her unborn child, Annice goes on the run, trying to find the person responsible for putting her lover in prison before it is too late.

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The Dragon King Chronicles by Ellen Oh

Demon-slayer Kira is the prince's bodyguard, but few trust the strange girl with horrific power. When the prince's life is threatened by a malevolent force killing his royal relatives, Kira takes him on a journey to find an artifact and bring the Dragon King Prophecy to its fulfillment.

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Phèdre's Trilogy by Jacqueline Carey

Sold into slavery as a child and trained as a courtesan as spy by a nobleman, Phèdre enters a complex world of court intrigue at an early age. But when she uncovers a conspiracy against her home, she must put all of her wits to use, or risk losing everything — and everyone — she loves.

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The Sea of Ink and Gold Trilogy by Traci Chee

Living in the wilderness in the wake of her father's murder, Sefia is left on her own when her aunt is kidnapped. Possessing only her father's book — a strange and dangerous item in a world in which no one can read — Sefia must fight to recover her aunt, and discovers a way to avenge her father's death in the process.

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The Harper Hall Series by Anne McCaffrey

A series adjacent to the Dragonriders of Pern saga, Anne McCaffrey's Harper Hall books center on Menolly, a musically gifted girl forbidden from exercising her talents after the death of her former master, Harper Petiron. Running away into the dangerous wilds of Pern, Menolly befriends a group of tiny dragons called fire-lizards, whom she teaches to sing along with her songs.

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The Agartes Epilogues by K.S. Villoso

On the run from associates who believe him responsible for the death of his late partner, mercenary Kefier crosses paths with the dead man's grieving sister, Sume. Although his life is in jeopardy, Kefier may be the only person capable of saving the world from the dark and incomprehensible creature that is coming to destroy it.

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