The New 'Halloween' Trailer Will Give You Major True Crime Vibes In The Best Way Possible

It's officially fall, and that means we're that much closer to all the best fall activities. There's the normal cozy stuff, like sweaters, apple cider, and the crunchy leaves. But with that colder, crisper air there's also the darker, dare I say, spooky stuff. One of the most iconic, and easily recognizable horror movies ever is coming back, and it should make Halloween fans very happy. The new Halloween trailer reveals a true crime angle that continues the story of the original classic in a way that honors the franchise's roots while playing into people's current obsession with true crime stories.

The new trailer shows a quick overview of what happened in the first film. Released in 1978, Halloween was one of the foundational horror films that inspired many, many others after it. The quick rundown in the trailer goes through Michael Myers' horrendous past: how he killed his older sister when he was six, and then went on to terrorize the town of Haddonfield, IL. in 1978, which is where Jamie Lee Curtis' character Laurie Strode comes in. She and her friends were terrorized by him on Halloween that year. She alone survived his deeds that night, and stabbed the masked murderer in the eye in the process. Is seems she left him with what looks like a permanent scar, as seen at the 0:36 mark.

Since then, 40 years have passed, and the man with a latex mask has escaped prison. After a few decades, the killings of Michael Myers have become a myth to the people of the small Midwestern town, according to Laurie. The trailer reveals she's suffering from PTSD due to that close call with death, and is understandably cautioning others that Myers' is truly evil and the "boogeyman."

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This is the fifth time Jamie Lee Curtis is going to be reprising her role of Laurie Strode, and with the determination she has to see Myers dead (who wouldn't?) it may be her last. Her daughter, played by Judy Greer, and her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak), will also make their appearance in this remake. Virginia Gardner, from The Runaways will play Allyson's best friend, and judging by the last part of the trailer, Myers is making it his business to kill babysitters with connections to the Strodes.

The classic song from the original movie can be heard throughout different parts of the trailer as well, easily transporting you back to when you were a kid and the theme song would send shivers down your spine (maybe it still does). The Halloween movies have defined a genre, and Myers has been depicted in countless sequels, books, and games. There was already a Halloween II with Curtis reprising her role as Strode, and then a remake in 2007, but this one feels like a tribute that will offer closure, while also once again bringing that eerie sense of reality that permeated the original back to the franchise.

Michael Myers and Laurie are set to face off one last time, and framing their story as a ripped from the headlines true crime tale only makes the buildup that much scarier.