The New 'KUWTK' Trailer Teases A Health Scare For Kim & More Drama For Khloé

Kardashian fans, prepare yourselves. A new Keeping Up With the Kardashians trailer for the upcoming season dropped on Thursday, Sept. 5. And to say the teaser is filled with drama and emotion is an understatement. Yes, there's the usual arguments between sisters, but this sneak peek also features a very real and scary moment for Kim Kardashian.

Around the 18-second mark, Kim opens up about a health scare the reality star thinks she might be facing. In between clips of what appears to be Kim getting tests and meeting with doctors, she is heard saying, "I feel this in my bones." Kim continues, "I probably have lupus." At one point, she begins to tear up, but, thankfully, Kris Jenner is by her daughter's side to support her during what sounds like a difficult time. "Let's stay positive until we get some results," Kris tells Kim in the clip.

At this time, it's unclear if Kim does have lupus. Prior to the Season 17 trailer, Kim hasn't publicly spoken about a lupus diagnosis. There's a good chance she doesn't have it or simply thought lupus was the reason she wasn't feeling herself. Whatever was going on with Kim's health at that point in time in her life, it certainly appears she'll be discussing it openly on the show for viewers and fans to see.

In addition to Kim's possible health scare, there are many other emotional moments showcased throughout the trailer. "For some reason, things are a little bit off," Kris is heard saying early on in the teaser. That certainly seems to be the case. First, Khloé Kardashian enters the picture and declares, "My life is filled with drama." She then says while scenes from True's first birthday party play, "Oh, my God, Tristan's here. I'm done."

If that isn't enough those Kris and O.J. Simpson affair rumors surface again and understandably upset Kris. (Both Kris and Simpson have denied the rumors.) There's even a point where Scott Disick and Corey Gamble get into a major argument that looks extremely uncomfortable.

And, of course, the sister drama continues with Kourtney Kardashian saying to Khloé, "I can't wait to move away." Khloé responds, "So just do it already." There's a moment where Kim is very angry and yells, "She doesn't want to work, she has too many f*cking boundaries, she's out." It's unclear if Kim is referring to Kourtney, but, if so, the drama between them sounds intense.

A few more details are also shown regarding that particular medical emergency moment that was shown in a previous KUWTK teaser in which Kim is in the car with Jonathan Cheban and gets a phone call about an ambulance being on its way. Based on the new trailer, it looks like Kris hurt her neck somehow. She's even shown on a gurney wearing a neck brace.

Despite everything the Kardashian-Jenner family faces, they always support each other through the hard times. Like Kris says in the video, "This family will never fall apart." The new season starts Sunday, Sept. 8 at 9 p.m. on E!