The Pearson Clan Embraces Their Fans In 'This Is Us' Video

by Mary Grace Garis

Anyone who has been following the break-out hit show This Is Us has started embracing the Pearson clan like their family. As such, the NBC Upfronts' This Is Us teaser has the Pearsons embracing back, and, like literally everything connected to this show, it's highly recommend that you watch it with a box of tissues at your side. Seriously, they are driving hard on the sentimentality here.

In the video, fans are talking about how they can relate to the Pearsons' interweaving stories, and it's incredibly clear that the show has impacted each and every one of their lives. One man talks of relating to Randall and William's journey, saying that he never met his own dad. "But recently I took a DNA test and found out the name of my biological father. This is was while we were watching the show," the man says. "How he responded, and seeing his journey, his bonding with his father and stuff like that, is kind of a therapy."

Another woman talks about how she understands how Kate feels so uncomfortable in her own skin. "There's this moment where she feels like she doesn't fit in. I've been in those situations," she says. "There are millions of other women out there that watch this show that I know appreciate this character more for exploring those subtle insecurities that are so very real."

If this isn't already tugging at your heartstrings, it's revealed that Sterling K. Brown and Chrissy Metz are listening in on these stories, clearly stirred. Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore are also listening in to these personal anecdotes, hearing other true life stories about how the Pearson parents feel so real. When Moore comes up behind one fan for a hug, his overwhelmed reaction is priceless. Very soon the rest of the cast comes out and surprises their already emotional fans, and I'm not crying, you're crying.

Seriously, this is the perfect teaser for all of us who have definitely needed a hug watching the series. So although we still have a considerable wait until Season 2, watch the video to satiate your cathartic tear quota for the time being.