The 'Will & Grace' Reboot Is Just Fine With Being The Same As Before

Chris Haston/NBC

Whether you agree with the decision to act like the series finale — and a significant chunk of the final season — never occurred, Will & Grace is coming back pretty much just as it was. In the latest trailer for the Will & Grace revival, the NBC sitcom is standing by its choice. Eric McCormack's Will gets a little meta by inadvertently acknowledging the decision to have the characters in the same place as they were more than 10 years ago in a featured scene from the reboot. And while Will and Grace still living together with Jack across the hall and Karen popping in is certainly a bit pathetic for the characters' development and a bit lazy of the showrunners, that doesn't necessarily mean that the Will & Grace revival won't have you laughing like the original did.

In the eighth — and presumed final — season of Will & Grace, Grace became pregnant with her ex-husband Leo's baby. Then, in the original series finale, Will has a child with Vince and after an estrangement that lasts for years, Will and Grace reunite when their two children go to college together (and eventually marry). However, the revival is ignoring all of that and embracing the original setup that made Will & Grace such a success in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But unlike in May 2006, when the series finale initially aired, Twitter is a major thing now and while some fans are undoubtedly pleased that Will & Grace will be what it once was, the reboot still needs to answer to the people on social media who aren't as happy with this solution.

That's perhaps why McCormack's character kind of addresses it in the sneak peak video. "It'll be different this time," Will says to Grace. "'Cause all of the other times we've done this, we thought it would be different, but this time we know it's gonna be exactly the same."

Of course, Will isn't really addressing the original finale problem, but him saying things are "exactly the same" appears to be tremendously accurate when describing the other featured clips from the "First Look" trailer. Yes, jokes have been updated to reflect pop culture in the late 2010s — with Jack lamenting that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie selfishly announced they are divorcing the same week he is going through a breakup — but the dynamic between Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen truly hasn't changed. And I suppose there is something comforting, and funny, in the fact that Will and Grace can still read each other's minds when it comes to games — even if Game Night now entails Grace guessing that Newt Gingrich is the answer to "He's a man, but he has aged into a lesbian" while playing Heads Up!

"We should just be what we've always been," Grace says, also getting meta, in a new scene that's featured at the end of the trailer. That leads Jack to get Will with a great insult, but is also proof that the Will & Grace reboot really will be reliving its glory days come Sept. 28 — original ending be damned.