The One New Year’s Resolution You Should Skip In 2018, Based On Your Sign

It's officially self improvement season, everyone. The days leading up to the new year are always the time to look back on all of the terrible, horrible, no good life decisions you've made over the past 365 days and really reflect on how you can do it better the next year. It's resolution time so strap in. Now if you're still undecided about what you want to resolve yourself to, maybe a good place to start is to come up with a few resolutions that you can skip in 2018, based on your sign?

According to the website, "the zodiac is best known for the different emotions, personal attributes, and strengths that are connected to each sign. These aspects can be examined and compared against all the different types of resolutions that people typically make to determine which one is the best fit for each individual sign."

While that's all well and good, according to a study by U.S. News, approximately 80 percent of resolutions fail by the second week of February. So if you're starting to put the pressure on yourself to figure out your resolutions in the new year, here are a few of the options you can easily skip if you're looking to save yourself the heartache of a #resolutionfail in 2018 based on your star sign. Of course, remember you don't have to skip whatever is written here under your sign — you can skip all of them, a few of them, or none of them, whatever you want. The bottom line here is do you, and make sure you're as happy as can be. Bringing the element of the zodiac in is meant to personalize every suggestion based on what every sign is classically like, but no person is the same — and no person of the same sign is the same, either.

Aries: Patience Is Futile

A typical Aries always prides themselves on being independent, which can sometimes be confused for impatience. It's not that Aries doesn't care about what you have to say, it's just that they don't always have time to deal with it. Which is why if you are an Aries and one of your resolutions it to be more patient, you might as well not bother. You are who you are! Embrace it.

Taurus: Spending Money

Nothing gets a Taurus going more than to throw a good party, and you're likely happiest when everyone around you is having the best time too. Which is all well and good except for the fact that in order to do so, a Taurus is pretty much willing to spend above and beyond their means. So, if you are planning on being a bit more thrifty in your party spending ways, you might as well ease up a bit and not be so strict. It's in your nature.

Gemini: Gossip

While Geminis have a lot of wonderful qualities about them, they also have a tendency to gossip. Just face it Gems, you're naturally inquisitive and always up in other people's business. You can't help yourself! So if your one resolution this year is to stop the gossip train, you might might as well think again.

Cancer: Binge-Watching

Cancers love nothing more than to cuddle up at home and indulge in some serious Netflix action. Which is why if you're a Cancer, you shouldn't even bother trying to curb your enthusiasm for binge-watching Curb Your Enthusiasm or whatever else you want to watch. Just embrace it, and maybe try and add a little light reading before you start on the sequel to Big Little Lies Season 2.

Leo: Overly Sensitive

Leos with your big heart. Gotta love 'em. But with that lion, comes a tendency to be hyper-reactive and overly sensitive to things that people say. So if you're resolved to be less sensitive next year, well — that's all fine and good, but a leopard can't change it's spots, and it might be just as hard for a Leo to do so.

Virgo: Hyper-Analytical

Don't take this the wrong way Virgos, but you do have a tendency to be uber-analytical. Which is fine! Own it! If your resolution is to be a little less analytical, you should probably just skip it and embrace your natural gifts.

Libra: Lust For Luxe

L doesn't just stand for Libra, it also stands for luxury, which is one of a Libra's greatest weaknesses. You Libras are just gluttons for the luxe life, even if it puts your finances at risk. So if you're resolved to cut back a little bit in 2018, you might want to step back and think about how you can realistically achieve your goals. You don't want to stop being you just for a resolution, you know?

Scorpio: Stop Being Jealous

Passionate, loyal, crazy-insanely jealous — all Scorpio qualities. So, if you're trying to keep your jealousy at bay in the coming year and you happen to be a Scorpio, you're gonna find it harder than you think — so maybe put this resolution on the backburner for a bit and focus on other things like self-care to appease you first.

Sagittarius: Overbooking Your Schedule

Sags are the adventurous soul searchers of the zodiac group, and it can be hard to pin them down. Which is why a Sag's resolution not to overbook themselves and their calendar with too many activities isn't that realistic just yet. It's important not to burn out, of course, but don't be too hard on yourself and force yourself to stay in when you do want to go out.

Capricorn: Quitting Coffee

Caps are always on the go, and their boundless energy and enthusiasm makes them pretty tough to keep up with sometimes. Which is why if you are a Capricorn and one of your resolutions is to quit drinking coffee, it's probably not gonna happen. Coffee keeps you upbeat and going! Do you.

Aquarius: Stop Being The Center of Attention

There's nothing an Aquarius loves more than being the center of attention. So, if you're an Aquarius and are trying to take a step back from the spotlight, you're better off skipping this resolution — you wouldn't be being true to yourself, which is a huge shame.

Pisces: Taking Responsibility

Pisces love to think outside the box. But when things don't work out as planned, they also have a tendency not to cope well and often don't want to take responsibility for things going wrong. So, if your plan is to change that, you may want to start slow, at least in the beginning. Be cautious, and don't force yourself to change too much too quickly.