The New Year's Resolution You Should Set Based On Your Fave Harry Potter Character

by Aoife Hanna
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Rolling into 2020 on a Nimbus 2000, am I right? Why not add a little magic to your new year and decade by setting yourself a New Year's resolution based on your favourite Harry Potter character? Merlin's beard — I think we're onto something here.

Whether it's learning a brand new skill, leaving a bad habit in 2019, or trying to build on on what you already have — there's no denying that New Year is a chance to shake things up a little. Maybe you'll be taking that herbology class you always thought about, or trying be more tolerant of difficult Dursley-esque family members, or, à la dry Jan, taking it easy on the butter beer.

Although the Harry Potter universe is fictional and (sadly) we live in a world without spells, several of the characters have personality traits and struggles that are very relatable to the real world. So what better place to look for inspiration for some wholesome New Year's resolutions, am I right?

J.K. Rowling's creations are a lot more than magical stories and good nearly always trumps evil in the Harry Potter universe, so IMO it's a perfect example for us all to follow in tricky times.


Hermione Granger

Hermione is such a hard working student that back in the Prisoner of Azkaban she signed up for so many classes she was forced to use the magical time turner to get to them all.

While her dedication is admirable, people like Hermione probably need to learn how to slow down in 2020. If you share that tendency to overstretch yourself, your resolution should be to practice mindfulness and meditation in the New Year.



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Hagrid is a famous animal lover. So much so that among his pets have been a terrifyingly huge spider, a three headed dog, a dragon, and some pretty spooky looking horses.

If Hagrid is your favourite, you should definitely resolve to volunteer at an animal charity or shelter. That way you can show your appreciation for as many animals as possible without getting in over your head like Hagrid often does in the books.


Neville Longbottom

"Why's it always me?"

Well Neville, maybe that attitude is why things go wrong for you a lot. Despite Neville being super smart and brave, according to Pottermore, his lack of self confidence often makes him lag behind his peers.

So if Longbottom is your dude, then 2020 is the year for you to believe in yourself and learn to ignore self doubt.


Harry Potter

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People are crackers about Harry and you can totally tell why — he's a hero, he's smart, and he's the best at beating baddies. However, I'm going to be a little bit controversial here and say he also takes risks a bit blindly.

Harry fans would do well to make 2020 the year that they look before they leap and make more considered choices.



There's no two ways about it, Voldemort is a total A-hole. I mean apart from being a crazy pure-blood supremacist, a murderer of innocent people, and just all-round super villain — he's just plain rude.

So shout out to all those Voldemort fans out there, this year's the year for you to learn to treat people how you would like to be treated.


Draco Malfoy

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Draco is one of those classic examples of a bully who's cruel to people because he's super insecure. And surrounding himself with "yes people" like Crabbe and Goyle, isn't going to help him learn to be a decent human being any time soon, now is it?

So for Draco lovers, this could be the year to shake up your friend circle. Do you surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you or are your friends enabling your bad behaviour? Your 2020 resolution should be to make sure your friendships are positive.



Dobby the house elf is eager to please to a fault. As well as doing to absolute most to help, even when it wasn't asked of him, he also punishes himself painfully when he feels like he has done something wrong.

So for all my Dobby fans out there, this year try to learn to be more selfish. Not only are you going out of your way to give too much to people who might not deserve your kindness, you also probably don't have any energy left for looking after yourself. You are the gift and don't forget it.


Luna Lovegood

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Luna is known for being a bit eccentric, she often either doesn't realise she's being picked on or just doesn't give an eff.

So for the Luna-lovers out there, I think your resolution should be to keep on keeping on. When you're that great people are always going to want to neg you out, so keep on twirling away the haters and just being you.


Severus Snape

Severus Snape was the biggest surprise in the series. The horrid teacher who made Harry's life utter hell actually turned out to be trying to protect him all along.

So for all those Snape lovers out there, 2020 has to be the year to be open with your feelings. Be brave. Be vulnerable. You never know what opportunities might arise as a result.


No matter who's your favourite character, be sure to make this new decade more magical than the last.

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