This News About 'The OA' Is Truly Miraculous

JoJo Whilden/Netflix

Although the cliffhanger-filled finale left fans in agony over the unknown future of the show, I'm happy to report that Netflix has finally announced that The OA has been renewed for Season 2. The news comes almost a full two months after the streaming service released the eight episodes of the show's breathtakingly original first season. Those eight episodes gave rise to a level of fan theorizing only matched by the likes of such twisty-turny storytelling as Westworld and Mr. Robot — so the fact that the show will be returning for another batch of installments means that viewers may finally get some answers to the many lingering mysteries of The OA.

Honestly, everything about this series feels miraculous. It's miraculous that a show conceived of and written by and starring a woman, about faith and the afterlife and the healing properties of modern dance (yes, really) even made it to the air in the first place. It's miraculous that it gained the buzzy cult following that it did, considering its unusual structure, heady themes, and refusal to provide easy (or any) answers. And it seems especially miraculous that it has survived to see another season, when Netflix could easily have decided that Prairie Johnson's story was a one-and-done affair.

The OA's renewal does raise questions about where it goes from here. (Season 1 spoilers ahead!) The first season ended on a deliberately ambiguous note, with audiences question the veracity of Prairie's story — was she really an angel, or was she simply a disturbed young woman concocting an elaborate tale to cope with the trauma of her kidnapping? Answering that question (and the rest of the unresolved plot threads) while still maintaining the show's trademark cryptic tone will be a tricky feat. But if Season 1 of The OA proved anything, it's that creator/star Brit Marling (and her co-creator and director Zal Batmanglij) have a confident handle on their own story. We have no reason not to trust them as their show ventures into its sophomore season.

There's no official word yet on when exactly The OA Season 2 will premiere, but if it follows Season 1's lead, it should debut sometime in mid-December. So while news of the show's renewal is definitely welcome, fans still have a long road ahead before we get answers to the fates of Prairie, Homer, Hap, and the rest of The OA's compelling cast of characters.