5 Major Reasons The ‘Office' Revival Should Never Happen


There's few shows from the past two decades that lend themselves better to being watched, and re-watched, than The Office. But just because the comedy holds up, doesn't mean we need a revival. Seriously, The Office should not have a revival no matter how much we miss it. Yet, with the news that NBC is reportedly planning the revival for the 2018–2019 season, I think its time to have a talk about why this idea could go terribly wrong, and really should just not be attempted at all.

Let me start by saying that I personally think The Office already tried a revival, it was called Seasons 8 and 9. After Steve Carell exited the sitcom, the revolving door of new bosses and changing dynamics created almost an entirely different show aside from the setting, comedic style, and character sensibilities. While I found these polarizing Michael-less seasons to be more endearing than many fans, I can't say that I ever seek those episodes out the way I do the early seasons, when Jim's pranks and Dwight's oddities just seemed so fresh and wonderful. It was a fun run, but there's no reason to repeat it.

Here's the rest of my case for why America doesn't need another comedy about the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company's Scranton team.

1. There’s Basically No Way The Charm & Chemistry Can Be Recreated

The casting directors of The Office sure knew how to pick 'em: Steve Carell! Rainn Wilson! John Krasinski! Jenna Fischer! Ed Helms! B. J. Novak! Mindy Kaling! Craig Robinson! Ellie Kemper! Zach Woods! But even the cast members who did not go on to star in other funny TV shows and movies are true gems, with each person utilized to make a lovable, awkward world. There's been plenty of workplace sitcoms over the years, but few can boast as big a cast with as many memorable players.

2. The Constant Comparisons Would Get Exhausting

Do you remember when Parks and Recreation first came out? Even though it was an entirely different show, because it had the same creators of The Office (Greg Daniels, Michael Schur) and shared the mockumentary format everyone assumed it was just a copy-cat with a woman boss. The fan commentary comparing Leslie Knope to Michael Scott, and, to a lesser extent, the supporting members of Pawnee Parks & Rec office to Dunder-Mifflin's employees, ran rampant. Now just imagine that reaction multiplied by 10 if the show actually were a reboot. Is that really fair to new actors and writers trying to bake something new with the same ingredients?

3. Do We Need Another Will-They-Or-Won't They Romance?

While a revival of The Office doesn't necessarily mean a reboot of the Jim and Pam style relationship, it was easily one of the most compelling parts of the original American series. Who among us did not cry when they got married? Who?! Yet, even by the time we got the first signs of flirtation between the two of them, way back in 2005, we had already had our share of television couples just like them (Ross and Rachel, Sam and Diane, Mulder and Scully, Niles and Daphne). Maybe The Office reboot would avoid this trope, but that seems doubtful given the success the first time around.

4. There’s Already Several Other Workplace Comedies To Fill The Office-Shaped Hole In Your Heart

If you're in the mood for a funny sitcom with some kooky workplace antics look no further than Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Silicon Valley, Veep and Great News. Workplace comedies might not be a plentiful as they once were, but the ones we have are pretty fun.

5. There’s Too Many Revivals, Bring On The Original Content!

The 2018 television season already has Roseanne, Charmed, Heathers, The Jetsons, Miami Vice, The Munsters, Roswell and basically countless other reboots and revivals in the works. It's time for some more original stories. Sure, The Office was itself a remake of a British sitcom of the same name, but the reason why it became such a hit over here was because of its originality. A mockumentary about a boring career in a small city that uses cringe-humor? Yes, please! If we can't come up with a new idea, can we at least adapt another successful idea from another country? Let's shake things up.

Maybe NBC will go through with the revival and I'll be proven terribly wrong, but what if I'm right? Is it really worth dragging the good name of The Office through that?