This Sassy Disney Collection Is Anything But Childish & You'll Want Every Piece

Disney launched a new clothing and accessories line that was made with the sassiest fans in mind. As HelloGiggles found, the Oh My Disney collection is filled with princess prints and puns, which is a fresh take on the characters that can sometimes come off a little too cutesy. Fair warning: once you see this collection, you're going to want every single item.

There are tons of different Disney-based collections out there. Brands from Lauren Conrad to Coach have created their own take on the tradition, but none have been quite like Oh My Disney. The brand, which launched exclusively in the Disney Shop, has 20 items and each one is sassier than the next.

There's shirts with Evil Queen on them that says "Mondays Are Evil," and coffee mugs with the phrase "5 More Minutes" on it. You know, for all of the Sleeping Beauties out there. The brand also offers a compact mirror that reads, "Mirror Mirror On The Wall, I Like What I See." Because, duh.

Compared to other brands in the Disney Shop, this one is super affordable. Items range from $9.99 for accessories to $45 for the Little Mermaid-inspired bomber jacket. Basically, there's something for every Disney lover, no matter how sassy you are.

All of the items are available on the Shop Disney website right now. The items are permanent as well, so you'll be able to save up to buy every single item you're little Disney-loving heart desires. Because whether you love to wear your love for the princesses on your sleeve or are looking to go practical, there's something for you.

Here's a look at all of the quirky items, so you can can stock up before they sell out. Because, let's be honest, it's nice to see a brand have a little more sass to the characters than a bunch of cutesy outfits.

1. Ariel Bomber Jacket

Ariel Chambray Bomber Jacket for Women, $45, Shop Disney

If your motto isn't "Believe In Your Inner Mermaid," then it will be now. Is there anything better than a Disney items that takes on the most trendiest items? The answer is no. This might be the most expensive item in the collection, but it's worth it.

2. Disney Pin Set

Oh My Disney Pin Set, $15, Shop Disney

These pins will let you add a little sass to any outfit. Plus the price is pretty great. All in all, it breaks down to $3.75 per pin. My personal favorite is the "Princess Vibes" pin that shows Rapunzel breaking out of her tower.

3. Sleeping Beauty Mug

Sleeping Beauty Travel Tumbler, $17, Shop Disney

There's nothing more relevant to life than this mug. Because every princess — sassy or not — needs their beauty sleep. When you can't get it, there's this mug to warn everyone how you're really feeling. The back shows a silhouette of Sleeping Beauty, well, sleeping, just to get the point across.

4. Brave Wallet

Merida Brave Wallet, $20, Shop Disney

Because every time you bring out your wallet to shop, you can be reminded to be brave. Think of it as a tiny little reward for spending.

5. Evil Queen Tank

Evil Queen Tank Top for Women, $27, Shop Disney

If anyone knows how evil Mondays are, it's the Evil Queen. After all, we can't all be princess all the time — especially on the first day of the workweek.

6. Disney Mirror

Evil Queen Glass Compact Mirror, $17, Shop Disney

This is pretty much the best update to the magic mirror that I have every seen. Women in the 21st century don't need a mirror to tell them they look great, because a lot of them already know it.

7. Warrior & Princess

Mulan Water Bottle, $16, Shop Disney

The bottle reads, "Equal Parts Warrior And Princess." 'Nuff said.

No matter which item you choose, you can't go wrong.