The Oh My Disney: Disney Dogs Collection Is So Cute You’ll Want To Buy Every Piece


Take my money — I didn't need it anyway. I mean, I definitely do need it because student loans and rent are the worst, but I'm going to pretend those aren't real issues right now. Because right now, there is the new Oh My Disney: Disney Dogs collection. If you're already a fan of shopDisney or the Oh My Disney Collection, you'll know that they manage to deliver so much Disney merch that it's amazing any of us still have any money in our bank account. But this new line is almost too powerful — combining the cuteness of dogs and the cuteness of Disney into one giant ball of cuteness — one that none of us were prepared for.

The new line has over twenty items featuring the amazing canines from your favorite Disney films. And we're not just talking about Dalmatians — there have been plenty of doggy sidekicks over the years who are getting their place in the sun with this line. To be honest, I thought that the donut-themed shopDisney items were as cute as things could possibly get. But I was wrong — I was so, so wrong.

So whether you're a sucker for a spirit jersey or you just think that your dog deserves to play with some puppy-themed Disney goods, there are definitely plenty of options in the new line. Here are the pieces that are too cute to resist.