Disney Just Launched An Entire New Merch Line For Dogs & Owners


Take my money — I didn't need it anyway. I mean, I definitely do need it because student loans and rent are the worst, but I'm going to pretend those aren't real issues right now. Because right now, there is the new Oh My Disney: Disney Dogs collection. If you're already a fan of shopDisney or the Oh My Disney Collection, you'll know that they manage to deliver so much Disney merch that it's amazing any of us still have any money in our bank account. But this new line is almost too powerful — combining the cuteness of dogs and the cuteness of Disney into one giant ball of cuteness — one that none of us were prepared for.

The new line has over twenty items featuring the amazing canines from your favorite Disney films. And we're not just talking about Dalmatians — there have been plenty of doggy sidekicks over the years who are getting their place in the sun with this line. To be honest, I thought that the donut-themed shopDisney items were as cute as things could possibly get. But I was wrong — I was so, so wrong.

So whether you're a sucker for a spirit jersey or you just think that your dog deserves to play with some puppy-themed Disney goods, there are definitely plenty of options in the new line. Here are the pieces that are too cute to resist.


Max Throw Pillow

Sometimes you save the best for last, but I say, "LET'S JUST JUMP RIGHT IN WITH THE BEST." This amazing throw pillow features Max, the fluffy bundle of joy from The Little Mermaid, and it looks cozy as hell. You will not convince me that this doesn't belong in a grownup apartment.


Disney Dogs Spirit Jersey

This is true #squadgoals. Pastels, tie-dye, and pooches all combine to make perhaps the most Disney-fied spirit jersey of all time — and that's really saying something. Oh, and the lettering is in glittery puff ink, because of course it is. (Psst — there's a matching one for humans.)


Disney Dogs Mug

Yes, drink your very adult coffee out of your very adult mug — and have a very adult start to your morning. This mug is covered with your favorite pups on the outside, but the real fun is the "I <3 My Dog" hidden on the bottom for a subtle smile every time you finish your cup of joe.


Disney Dogs Pet Toy Ball Set

OK, so an entire line featuring dogs should probably have a few treats for dogs included — and that's exactly what these are. This set of balls is perfect for playing fetch and have some of your favorite pups emblazoned on the side.


Dug Trinket Tray

This little trinket tray had to get a special shout-out for featuring one of the most iconic lines in all of Disney. Dug from Up is, of course, a dog with a lot to say — but the "I have just met you and I love you" line wins every time.


Disney Dogs Sock Set for Adults

If you want to rep your favorite dogs every day but still stay subtle, these socks give you the best of both worlds. These five pairs of socks feature Max (The Little Mermaid), Percy (Pocahontas), Georgette (Oliver and Company), Dug (Up), and Winston (Feast) — in other words, more cuteness than your feet can handle.

Disney merch never fails to deliver. The Oh My Disney: Disney Dogs collection has so much to offer — most of which you never knew you needed. But we can all definitely benefit from some adorableness. That just leaves one question. Is it payday yet?