These Are The Olympians Who Share Your Zodiac Sign

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With the Winter 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang finally in full swing, the international community is hyped for the chance to cheer on their country's teams and watch truly unbelievable feats of athletic prowess. Usually, when we watch the Olympics, there are certain athletes that stand out to each of us, whom we connect with almost immediately (even though they're, you know, a world class athlete, and I'm out here watching TV 24/7 for two straight weeks). While this bonding can happen for many reasons, one may be identifying with the Olympians who share your zodiac sign.

While this may seem like a weird qualification when choosing who to watch at the Olympics, the truth is what your zodiac sign says about you can make a big difference in who you are and how you perform. From the Olympians who are making their first appearance at the Games, to multi-Olympic vets, there's a range of athletes of all signs who are ready to use their planet-given traits to fight for the gold.

Whether it's their first Olympics or their third, when it's time to compete, there's no way to determine who will leave victorious. Every Olympics is different, but one thing we can be sure of is that there'll be myriad surprises to keep all of us watching on our toes. Each athlete brings something different, special, and wholly original to the games, but the roots of those traits may be found in the alignment of the stars at their birth (and, of course, the many, many years of training Olympians undergo to get where they are.) Read on to see which Olympian shares your zodiac sign.

Aries: Mirai Nagasu

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An Aries is about as determined as it gets, and while this is true of all Olympians, Aries figure skater Mirai Nagasu exemplifies this. She first captured our attention in 2010 in Vancouver, and eight years later, she's back to win our hearts again.

Taurus: Nathan Chen

A Taurus must be hardworking, patient, stubborn, but also have a keen eye for beauty, making figure skating an ideal sport for these earth signs. Now in his first Olympics, Taurus figure skater Nathan Chen has already made history. Last year, he became the first male figure skater ever to land five quadruple jumps in a single performance, according to the Team USA website.

Gemini: Chad Billins

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While he's been professional since 2012, these Olympic Games will be hockey player Chad Billins' first. Playing off his Gemini ability to learn and adapt quickly, Billins should have an easy transition to the world of the Olympics.

Cancer: Maia Shibutani

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Part of a brother-sister duo, figure skater Maia Shibutani is going into her second Olympic games. While she and her brother Alex (Taurus) didn't place as well as they hoped in 2014, her Cancer loyalty has brought her back with renewed confidence.

Leo: Kelly Clark

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Heading into her fifth Olympic games, snowboarder Kelly Clark's Leo passion is on display. As Leo's are natural born leaders, it only makes sense that she'd be one of the top American snowboarders in history. Clark leads by example, showing anything you go after is possible.

Virgo: Jamie Anderson

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A Virgo is generally one of the hardest working signs. For skier Jamie Anderson, her dedication helped her win the gold medal in the inaugural Women's Slopestyle Even in 2014 at Sochi.

Libra: Gus Kenworthy

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Skier Gus Kenworthy is the definition of a Libra. He came out in 2015 as part of a resolution to be an uncompromising, honest version of himself. A Libra is fair-minded and open, and Kenworthy exemplifies these traits.

Scorpio: Adam Rippon

Figure skater Adam Rippon has been exemplifying his Scorpio nature by taking time to explore his passions between being named as an alternate for the 2010 Games in Vancouver, and now finally making his mark as a fan favorite heading into PyeongChang.

Sagittarius: Kehri Jones

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Bobsledder Kehri Jones has discussed the duty she feels as a role model to her younger siblings as she pursues her Olympic dreams. This mindset is typical of a Sagittarius, an incredibly generous sign.

Capricorn: Zachary Donohue

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There's no question that making it to the Olympics requires giving it your all every moment of training. A Capricorn is known to be responsible, disciplined, and a master of self-control. Each of these characteristics is instrumental to excelling at a sport and figure skater Zachary Donohue has exhibited all of them.

Aquarius: Aileen Geving

Curler Aileeen Geving has been working towards her Olympic dreams since she started curling at just ten years old. She has gone to the Olympic trials three previous times and finally has her chance to go to the Olympics. Her independent Aquarius manner led her to continue in the face of disappointment and it has all paid off.

Pisces: Lauren Gibbs

Pisces are naturally very intuitive, sensitive, and wise — traits you need as a bobsled pusher like Lauren Gibbs. She's used her intuition in a sport where the stakes are incredibly high, and having that extra sense is everything.

Do you identifying with your zodiac twin? Keep an eye on the Olympics this month to cheer on your favorites, inside and outside your sign.