The Olympic Athletes With Your Zodiac Sign At The Winter 2018 Olympics In PyeongChang

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

With the Winter 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang finally in full swing, the international community is hyped for the chance to cheer on their country's teams and watch truly unbelievable feats of athletic prowess. Usually, when we watch the Olympics, there are certain athletes that stand out to each of us, whom we connect with almost immediately (even though they're, you know, a world class athlete, and I'm out here watching TV 24/7 for two straight weeks). While this bonding can happen for many reasons, one may be identifying with the Olympians who share your zodiac sign.

While this may seem like a weird qualification when choosing who to watch at the Olympics, the truth is what your zodiac sign says about you can make a big difference in who you are and how you perform. From the Olympians who are making their first appearance at the Games, to multi-Olympic vets, there's a range of athletes of all signs who are ready to use their planet-given traits to fight for the gold.

Whether it's their first Olympics or their third, when it's time to compete, there's no way to determine who will leave victorious. Every Olympics is different, but one thing we can be sure of is that there'll be myriad surprises to keep all of us watching on our toes. Each athlete brings something different, special, and wholly original to the games, but the roots of those traits may be found in the alignment of the stars at their birth (and, of course, the many, many years of training Olympians undergo to get where they are.) Read on to see which Olympian shares your zodiac sign.