Your Olympic Sport, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every four years the world comes together to put country against country in the ultimate athletic competition — the summer Olympics. Athletes from around the world show incredible strength and resolve, meeting the challenges they are presented with every single day of competition. And if you are like me, you're secretly wishing that you were athletic enough to walk around Rio and meet those challenges, too. Well, at least you can have the consolation of knowing what Olympics sport you should compete in based on your zodiac sign. We, as the viewers, can only imagine what it must feel like to be on a world stage representing our country and our fellow countrymen. Armed with the knowledge of your zodiac sign, at least imagining a specific sport is no longer impossible.

Just look deep within your own heart. Does the beating organ tell you to be a runner? Maybe a rower? Tennis player? Whatever your heart is telling you could be your passion is the right answer. The following are suggestions aren't about your heart, however — they're in the ~star~.

After some extensive research into the astrological signs and their meaning, a lot of clarity came. Not only are the symbols themselves very revealing, but the personality traits associated with them help determine a specific sport. Air signs, water signs, earth signs ... they all have a specific sport that would work well in conjunction. Obviously you are not obligated to favor that sport, but probably it's your best bet. (GO TEAM.)

Aries: Gymnastics

Since this sign is reserved for those of us who are impulsive and prone to risk-taking, gymnastics felt like the right fit. After all, these people are running at full speed into a giant trampoline and flipping in the air! All the time! With no nets! But let this amazing scene from Stick It explain it to you.

Hey, it's just what the signs tell me you'll be great at. Wheaties box, here you come!

Taurus: Field Hockey

The sign is of a bull — a stubborn and often pushy bull. What better way to get all that stubbornness and frustration out than by running at your opponent with a stick?

Gemini: Synchronized Swimming

I think I was right on the money with this one. Gemini is represented by twins, and what sport requires that much "twinning" attitude quite like synchronized swimming? No other. This is just right.

Cancer: Table Tennis

Table tennis is no joke in the Olympics. It's serious stuff. Cancers may seem sensitive, but they're tough as nails under pressure. They can handle the back and forth in the extreme situations, on or off the table.

Leo: Soccer

Leos are strong, quick thinkers, and extremely popular. What sport is more widely followed by billions? It must be the beautiful game of soccer, because nobody can handle the spotlight quite like a Leo.

Virgo: Rhythmic Gymnastics

Virgos are creative and fun. They know how to do something eye-catching and performance based, and know how to get a crowd's attention and keep it. Mix it in with he Virgo fearlessness and you've got a perfect match.

Libra: Modern Pentathlon

Libras are very adventurous and indecisive. The modern pentathlon is like a smorgasbord of all the sports we watch in the Olympics. There is running, swimming, shooting, horse riding, and fencing all in one event. Basically a match made in heaven.

Scorpio: Fencing

Fiery and powerful, and never one to back down from an opponent — all of these attributes that Scorpios have fall under the umbrella of a fencer.

Sagittarius: Archery

Again, another no brainer — since the sign is basically a bow and arrow it would be very unlikely that you could not be the best archer around once you set your mind to it. Curious and openminded, a Sagittarius would take this sport to the next level by thinking outside of the box.

Capricorn: Tennis

Capricorns are hardworking and stubborn, and once they achieve something, they only push themselves harder to achieve something more. It takes those exact skills to really succeed at professional grade tennis. Just ask Venus and Serena Williams.

Aquarius: Basketball

This sign is made up of creative and artistic people, but perhaps most importantly, people who are unpredictable. Basketball would be the perfect Olympics event for an Aquarius, who can balance teamwork while keeping the other team on their toes.

Pisces: Swimming

Swimming will feel like water to a fish for those born under this sign. They are also selfless and empathetic, and would probably do extremely well in a relay race, when they know their teammates are dependent on them.

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