You Need To Look At This Obama-Biden Meme Today

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Somehow, it seems unbelievable that just over two months ago, two wonderful men by the names of Barack Obama and Joe Biden occupied the White House. They had their faults, of course, but their strengths outnumbered them. Need a reminder? Here's one Obama-Biden meme that you need to see again today — just as a reminder of what you had once, and a dream of what you could have again.

Not between those two exact men, of course. But we can all live in hope that one day, a president and vice president with the same level of respect and regard for one another will once more occupy the White House.

Now, just look at this meme. It has everything. First of all, you're reminded of the occasion where the picture was taken — when Barack Obama gave Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which obviously left zero dry eyes anywhere. You can see the pride that both of them feel and the closeness of their relationship, even though it's not one of the many shots where they're joking around or even just talking.

This is a next level bromance — and it's also one where one of the pair can make official the other's status as a national hero. No big deal, right?

Next, let's turn to the joke in the meme. I don't know for sure what Obama and Biden's thoughts on Harry Potter are, but I can guess that their children or grandchildren read them, and I can also guess that they were involved. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has potentially not read a book in his entire adult life. And comedy clearly isn't Trump's forte. Could you even imagine him making a Harry Potter-related joke at a serious event? Or someone else making one, and him getting it?

Obviously this exchange didn't happen when Obama gave Biden the medal. But it's funny because their eight years in the public eye together made everyone believe that it could happen. All of the Obama-Biden memes are gold for that same reason, and of course because their creators are comedic geniuses. Even Biden himself agrees. Has Trump ever appreciated someone mocking him? His thin skin is one of his most talked-over traits, both when it comes to gentle, comedic poking and loud criticism. This meme is also necessary today because its two characters are both basically Trump's polar opposites. Of course you need to stay alert and keep resisting, but sometimes it's good for the soul to look back and get just a little bit nostalgic.